And now for something completely different

Since my scanner has decided to take a dirt nap, I just gonna throw some funny stuff I have been saving from across the internet. I didn’t want to do this, since I did have a good deal of funny crap to throw up to you all, but it will have to wait. I’m not sure where a lot of it came from, but most are from superheroesmemes.





Booster Gold needs a woman….


This is why Clark and Diana won’t work. He is clearly Bruce’s man.


Tim’s fear of TITS


He feels pretty, oh so pretty.








  1. What is that last picture and why is it perfect?

    Also, does anyone doubt that Bruce could be an equally effective crime fighter like that save for the secret identity issue?

    • I found it on Superhero memes, and I love him in a dress.

      • It looks like Greg Capullo’s Batman from the reboot series…but I’m pretty sure that I’ve never seen a picture of Bruce on rooftops in any outfit…Greg Capullo didn’t draw Bruce in a dress did he?

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