The DC Reboot is turning me into a Marvel fan….

Sorry this is going to be a little short today, but can I say something, DC is turning to me into Marvel fan.

I have picked up a few series from them; Gambit, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, and now Uncanny Avengers. And holy shit, I have never, in my fucking life been so jazzed off an issue one before.

I know that I haven’t talked about them really, because, too me, there is no reason to talk to about something that has a narrative issues when  it doesn’t. I have attacked shit of the set up with relationships, such as Bruce and Natalya (ick) to Clark and Diana (FUCK MY LIFE). To just shitty story telling, like what happened to Batman in JLI #11.

Which brings me to Uncanny Avengers. OMG, I love the shit out of this issue. They did what I feel DC couldn’t do in fucking 11 issues that Marvel did in one. What did Marvel do? It set up characters and their personalities, setting up the main villain and even setting up some sort of relationships between the characters, in one fucking issue. It’s good. I don’t know much about marvel, outside of the movies, and the X-Men cartoon, so I don’t know if there is a big difference between how these characters are acting now verse how they acted before it. But damn if it isn’t good. And I don’t want to give a spoiler away, but damn that was an ending that makes me can’t wait til next week.

In 11 issues, DC couldn’t do that with the Justice LEague. Don’t believe me, here is some food for though, which super hero am I describing:

It’s a man with Black hair, Blue eyes, and both his parents are dead. He is a superhero who has to keep his identity a secret to protect those around him from his enemies. And he is lonely.

Now was the Superman or Batman? You know what, I’m not sure either? Why? Because DC has just gone and decide to make all their character’s have one personality trait. So the trinity really isn’t there any more, because all three of them, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman are just that. A one trick personality of Loneliness. They are all lonely, Lonely LONELY PEOPLE! DID YOU GET THEY THAT ARE LONELY?!?! BECAUSE THEY ARE LONELY!!! Which I ask why they fuck haven’t they killed themselves. They should drink some poison together and wait for the loneliness to eat them inside.

The trinity was something that made DC special. They had a great balance. They don’t now. They are a trinity made of Batman alone, and there is no balance to that. Lois and Clark’s relationship made their universe special.  Now they don’t have either of that. So what is the point I ask? I was picking up Superman because I wanted to see Lois and Clark get together. I wanted to see Clark grow a pair and ask Lois out himself, not starting to date her as Superman. But now, they flat out said that isn’t going to happen. So I stopped picking it up. I don’t like seeing Wonder Woman, a symbol of feminism, attached to the one man she has to play second banana too, so Justice League got dropped. That and I shouldn’t have found out by a fucking announcement but by good writing to put in into the comic.  What did they get replaced with?

Marvel Titles. MARVEL FUCKING TITLES. Why? Because they are interesting. Because they don’t treat women as object for their male characters. And I can get behind that.

If all the Marvel Now Titles are going to be like this, I can’t wait for them.



  1. I’ve always been a Marvel fan. And the books you mentioned are all solid titles. I’d also recommend adding Daredevil, which has been fantastic. In a couple months, there’s going to be a Young Avengers, which will be written by Kieron Gillen, one of the absolute best comic writers I’ve ever seen. He’s also going to be writing Iron Man soon. He’s seriously an incredible writer. Maybe add X-Factor, too, which is always awesome.

    Sadly, you just missed an absolutely stunning Punisher series. It only lasted 16 issues, but it was amazing how good those 16 issues were. You should pick it up when it comes out in trade.

    • Greg Rucka wrote it right? I loved his wonder Woman stuff.

      • Indeed he did. And it featured strong female characters. What was interesting is how the series wasn’t about the Punisher. Instead, it was about other certain other people reacting to him. Great series, over too soon.

      • Sweet. I will have to keep an eye out for the trade.

  2. Marvel has always offered smiling superheroes, sunny settings and stories filled with irony, while DC has always published serious superheroes, dark settings and thoughtful stories: think about the unforgettable “Seduction of the Gun”, or the arc about the Green Arrow sidekick become drug addicted. Yes, of course each publisher made some exceptions (Superman has a sunny setting, while Daredevil is a dark superhero, and so on), but their trend has always been the one I just described. Well, when Marvel decides to make an exception and publishes a dark series, it’s usually a masterpiece. Hawkeye is a perfect example.
    There’s a big Daredevil influence in there (which thrills me a lot, since I’m a big fan of the man without fear). I instantly thought to Matt when I recognized Aja’s art: he drew some issues of Daredevil, and his style perfectly ties with the noir atmosphere of the series. Then I recognized some wonderful tributes in the 1st issue: Hawkeye uses a card as weapon, exactly like Bullseye used to do, and he throws a wet dog on a counter, which really reminds of the panel in which Daredevil throws a wet Nuke on a table, in the last chapter of Daredevil: Born Again. Hawkeye has the kind of magic that makes you say “This is an instant classic”, exactly like I thought when I started to read Lemire’s Animal Man.
    Yesterday DC announced that 4 titles are ending with the 16th issue:
    Blue Beetle
    Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
    Legion Lost
    2 of them will be replaced with a JL spinoff and a new Superman title (it’s so ironic that DC replaced C-list titles with A-list ones, like when they replaced Mr. Terrific and Men of War with Earth 2 and Batman Inc). The other 2 replacements are an enigma. What do you predict?

    • DC is just bringing out more a listter stuff I noticed. I got a legends of the dark Knight comic series I noticed they were doing. It flew a bit under the radar, because they want to make Superman the flagship character. Which being that he is just a super.powered Batman is just a waste of time. I would have loved to see jli come back, but I know that wont happen and I honestly don’t know if I am going to pick up justice league of America, being that Johns dropped the ball so hard for me in justice league. And I really wont call the avengers sunny, as much as they bothered to give them more than one character trait and a feeling that they are willing to face what

      • Comes their way. I don’t feel that way with justice league at all. Supes and wondy aren’t together because they give two shits about each other. They are there because they think the other can’t die. That is a shitty relationship and the fact DC wants to make it the main relationship that can tear the universe is in my mind bullshit. I don’t know.much about the.old univserse, just a few things, and to me this is just stupid. If marvel is gonna take more time to tell.good stories they are getting my money instead. Its just a fact.

      • I would like JLI to come back as well. Thank you for your reply! : )

      • Oh wwayne I told you once and will tell you again I love talking to you

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