Can I talk about capes for two seconds?

I want to talk fashion today, and as a girl, I can and will totally do that. And I’m feeling a little silly, so this isn’t gonna be that much. So let’s get started.

Okay, a lot of superheroes wear capes. Thor, Superman, Batman and Robin to name to a few; hell, even Wonder Woman has sported one every now and then.  It’s the fashion statement of the super powerful, of the great avengers, a quick way to identify a hero some times. Capes are the one piece of clothing that the Villains don’t really touch.

But really, they are just a good way to get you killed. I want to call them Villain Helpers. I mean, it can get sucked into things, like a jet engine, your day is fucked. Unless you are Superman, because let’s face it, he would fuck up the jet engine. Which if it was in the air, he would just destroy it. (And being that he flies around at the same height as Jets, it could happen.) So now he would he have to save the people on the plane he just destroyed.

Or Batman running around on the roof tops of Gotham, there are a lot of things that he could caught on. While I think that they won’t ended the Dark Knight with him choking himself, but really, it is a possibility. I mean, there he is chasing down a criminal and the damn cape gets caught on something.

Robin doesn’t have as much of a problem, being that he has a half cape.

But still I don’t understand what the deal with capes.



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  2. Sounds like you’ve either been watching “The Incredibles” or thinking about Dollar Bill’s fate in “Watchmen”. 🙂

    In any case, here’s a partial response to your question:

    • Or being hung over and thinking about what would happen if Superman got sucked into a Jet engine.

      • Superman saves passenger plane, mayor awards him key to the city!

      • Man, If batman saved a bunch of people the mayor would be more likely to piss in bats’ shoes than give him the key to the city. It aint right man.

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