Still Sick

So I’m still sick but FEAR NOT! I have a little bit of a rant today!

So let’s start with BATMAN! Well, not Batman per se, But his father Thomas Wayne.

The Waynes have always been an odd element to the Batman Mythos to me, because we never really see them at all. And I’m sorry, but you really can’t trust what Bruce tells us about them, because he was ten when they died and his isn’t the sanest person on this planet. He tells us that they were really loving and wonderful people. But really, I have a hard time buying that. I could see what he has told us story about his mother, but his father is a little absent.

When I got ahold of BATMAN RIP, They had stories circling that Thomas was boozing, druging, and whoring it up with a lot of women. I liked this idea because it gave him a little color. Was Martha just a long suffering wife in all of this? I like this idea. Bruce would have no idea of the basic workings of his parent’s marriage, so this is a possible.

I don’t know why, But I want Thomas Wayne to be an abusive bastard. I can’t explain it.

I hoped this makes sense, I am gonna go back to sleep.


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  1. There was a (now non-canonical) “Superman/Batman” story where we found out that Jor-El and Thomas Wayne had actually met at some point. A bit contrived, but it does give him a bit of color.

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