Funny Panel Friday Flash BACK

Yes, we have seen the panels before, but I have a shit ton of school work still. So I haven’t got a chance to read any of my new comics at all. So I’m gonna take next week off and hopefully be up the Monday after that.

Being undead just gives you reasons to be an ass. [The Looker #1]

Being undead just gives you reasons to be an ass. [The Looker #1]

Good God I wish Diana was like this in Justice League. Oh god how I wish she was. [Ame-con Girls #1]

Good God I wish Diana was like this in Justice League. Oh god how I wish she was. [Ame-con Girls #1]

Oh Terry.

Oh Terry.


Well, what do you expect Bruce? You ignore them! [Batman Throught the Looking Glass]

Well, what do you expect Bruce? You ignore them! [Batman Throught the Looking Glass]





Arkham City

It’s been a while since I have had time to play any game, and I jumped onto Arkham City because for the most part I had not much else to do. So yea, not to far into the game yet and there are a few questions that I have:

1.)WHEN THE FUCK DID HUGO STRANGE GET SO MUCH MOTHER FUCKING POWER? I mean really, He is able to grab Gotham City’s most rich and ever present person while he was talking agaisnt him. Yea, Bruce did something that some might see as illegal, but really, no trial, no jury, just a big fuck you, in you go. That is what you get for being you, you nice man you! WHERE IS THE US GOVERNMENT WHEN THIS SHIT IS GOING ON? Gotham is in the USA, and there are laws to protect people from this shit on the fed so there is no godamn way that the city, not even a state, pull this shit off. Hell, the whole idea would have the president going, THE FUCK


2.)And Catwoman has a line to Ivy about killing her plants that makes me want to know if Selina is just god damn retarded?

Remember this panel? From the tie in comic? From my funny panel friday?

This makes me giggle. I don’t know why. [Arkham Unhidged #7]

This is how Ivy ends up getting revenge on her for killing her plants. She kidnaps the man child that Selina sometimes sleeps with. Okay.

3.) The sandbox stuff is a bit annoying. I loved the hell out of Arkham Ayslum. I have replayed the hell out of that game so many times it isn’t funny. I either have, or am like two challeges away from prefect night, just to give you an idea. Why did I love that game? Because the storyline was pretty tight. This one doesn’t feel that way at all. It just feels all over the place and the sidemissions are annoying as shit, as I have read on line some of them have to be done before you finish the game. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT ROCKSTAR? HOW DO I GET HUNDRED IF YOU DO THAT?

4.) I feel like they jammed in too much. And left out scarecrow. FUCK YOU HE WAS THE BEST PART OF THE FIRST GAME! I mean, those are my favorite parts to place. The first one scared the shit out of me my first play through. Here I was, in a dark room, in the middle of the night, and a voice starting saying, ‘YOU ARENT SUPPOSE TO BE HERE! YOU ARENT SUPPOSE TO BE HERE!” I damn near shat myself. It was such a flip I had no idea what was going on. No second round? Why should I play?

5.)The Menus suck.

So there. Only a few hours in on the game so look for ranting updates because I just didn’t feel like going through comics today.

Sorry again

It’s really close to the end of the semster for me, and I’m working on a huge paper. I feel bad that I haven’t been posting real post for awhile now, because I have so much school work. So yet again, a really short post, and with me apolognizing. Hopefully, after this week, I will get things together, and get a backlog of post again.

I want to add to my rant from last week, about shoting Batman which can be found, here. My Friend pointed out that shotting Batman is bad idea because it will cause a power vacum in Gotham. Not only that but you will have the Justice League after them as well. Which is a fair point I guess, but I still have issue with it. The New 52 Justice League doesn’t seems to give a shit about each other. That and Batman and Hal were the only voice of reason that the league seems to have, so if they are both gone, the league is pretty much in the dark. The only other person I could see stepping up is Barry, but no one really listens to him at all. So the league would probably assume that Batman got pissed and didn’t want to hang out with them any more. Not that he was dead. So there is that. That and there would be a flood gate of crime in Gotham that shooting him would probably not have a pay off.

Deadpool Funny Panel Friday- TAKE TWO! HIDE YOUR WIFE!



Deadpool knows how to slove problems.


JFK, you hound dog


This Lady has balls.




Robin is too damn tall

Character Heights?

I don’t know how to start with this. I’m not sure it is a rant on art or not. And it is kinda stupid. ((And I’m using Damian becaue he is the one I noticed it with))

Let’s go with it’s an art rant. Or at least a style rant.

And it starts with this. Either Damian is different ages in the different range of comics he is in, or DC has no fucking clue how tall ten year old as.

There is something off about this. Maybe its the TEN YEAR OLD IS TOO FUCKING TALL

First of all, Bruce is a huge dude. He is over 6ft tall, and I have no problem with that. I do have problems with his TEN year old son coming up to his shoulder. I was tall at ten, but I didn’t come up to my mother’s shoulder. She isn’t a big woman. But not only that, I’M THE SEX WITH TITS! I went through my growth spurt before the boys in my class, like a lot go girls. Boys get their height later in puberty. SHIT almost all of DC is men. You would think they would remember this. And then it others it feels like he is coming up to Bruce’s waist. So either this Kid gets bored and hops on slits whenever he has the mood strike, or there is poor communication on how tall he should be.

They are standing next to each other. WTF?

The other thing that is, no matter who is drawing him, if they had a standard place where he hit on someone, it should translate over to all the comics. Least say, they do it by the height of a character based on, I unno, the number of the character’s head stacked on top of itself. (Clearly, I’m not sure how to state this, between the sick and the Dayquil. So if it makes sense, bully good for me.) If that is uniform, for all the artist styles, then the heights would be uniform. But clearly I’m batshit crazy and this can never be.

To sum my rant up, because in my head cold state, I’m not sure how clear I am: I understand different artist are going to draw him different ways. But that only explains why they will look at little different from comic to comic, not their heights. Character heights should be uniform because this shit isn’t that hard!

Sorry this isn’t really at long or that funny, I’m sick from stress and the weather changing out here.  ((It rained, in Southern California!))

Hey Guys, it’s been a really shitty and stressful weekend today is going short. Mostly because I really can’t get over this weekend, but I’m not going to talk about that; so don’t ask. The long and short is everything is find now. Sunday was just a ball of suck.

Cracked posted this video, so I’m gonna share it and call it a day. I’ll save my rant about art and character heights. This weekend has left me to drained to angry up the blood.


I love them. This must be why the hitman didn’t shot Batman.

Funny Panel Friday

So yea, there is that.


This cracks me up for some reason. I think it is Robin’s face.


Wait, Wait, You have to have Alfred tie your tie for every fucking event you go to, and you are giving him shit for not getting something himself? Hey, Pot, you are BLACK!



A little busy this week so a little on the short side. Haven’t had a chance to read through my backlog.