The fifth of November.

I would like to say, that the first Western Comic book I ever bought was V for Vendetta. It was after seeing the movie and I had to have it.
I have a love for the dystopian, mostly because of Orwell, so V for Vendetta is right up my alley. I don’t really have much more to say about it because I have lent the copy out and don’t have it here to talk about it.
The writing was great. The story was great. It was well done.
It reminds me that shitty writing isn’t the norm for comics, despite the feelings of reading most of my titles now.
I haven’t read Batwoman 13. I tied. But it just turned me off. I read the preview for World’s Finiest, which I was excited for, and it just made Helena more of a Tool than I thought she was before. Stealing money from your father and surprised that Robin stops you turn into a Dick. First of all, you have been raised from birth by Batman and Catwoman, you should be fucking smarter. The rest of the titles are meh. Half the characters don’t exist, or have one character trait. They are cardboard cutouts of them formal selves. Batman’s new arc has not really stirred anything in me.
It is just being to feel like the 90’s again. And I’m over it.
Which is why I’m slowly going to Marvel, until DC gets it shit back together, I guess. Or dropping everything when Grant Morrison leaves DC.

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