It’s the Fiancee’s birthday, so yet again, I’m taking the day off. Well, that and I have nothing I want to talk about really. I mean, Ame-Con Girls Wonder Woman was fun, but she still isn’t the Diana from the old Canon. So there is that. But if you do want your wonder Woman with some fucking Charactoraztion aside from being a blow up doll that is there, it is a way to go. And that is really all I can say about it. Nothing I can turn into a full blog post.

DC has had me rage out to the point where I can’t even get angry any more. Just sad. Sad I can’t even read the old Canon Wonder Woman, because it just reminds me of what I have lost. So it is what it is.

And so this post doesn’t end up how awsome my Dog is. (And she is by the way. She is the Batman of Recuse Dogs.) I gonna leave you with the panel that always makes me want to punch Batman in the Tit.

Oh you Son of a Bitch….. I mean the face, the smug ass face that makes me want to just kill him.


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  1. Well dont know about you guys but I’m a die hard batman fan and the romance between him and wonder woman was an interesting but well liked. Wish this pairing was used more in the Batman dc comic if it was probably read more dc comics. To me superman has never been my favorite hero from dc actually probably bottom 10. The fact that he and wonder woman will get together is used up in my opinion at least. Been used in the past and now in the future kinda cheesy. It may be my love of Batman that clouds my mind but I would rather have a Batman and wonder woman paring over the superman.

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