Deadpool #1-What the hell have I been doing with my life.

I picked up the first Deadpool. I read it, sat myself down in a corner and cried. Don’t worry, it was tears of Joy.

Why you asked? Because Deadpool made me realize what a waste of a human being I was. I had been going to the comic shop for over a fucking year, and haven’t picked one up. It was amazing. I laughed, I cried tears of Joy, and then tears of Anger over what I had been missing out on.

Deadpool is balls to the wall amazing. It sets the scene well it in it’s first issues. Shit, over half of DC’s New 52 haven’t pulled that shit off. I know Deadpool is a goddamn ball of crazy, and issue one showed me that. Fuck, the first joke doesn’t even involve him.

The long and short of it is this. Some Jack off brought all the old presidents to life, and it is really up to Deadpool to stop them. Why Deadpool? Because fuck you, that’s why.

The Story isn’t any thing by Shakespeare, but really, it doesn’t need to be. I think that is part of the problem DC is having. They are trying to be to be and great but they have gotten rid of the background for almost everyone. We are told things but not shown them, so our emotional stake in them aren’t there. Plus, the only background we have are 13 issues. 14 if you count issue zeros, and ignore the annuals. And ignore the shit they say is canon even though it makes no fucking sense in with they have presented. Example being Batman Hush is cannon….But Catwoman doesn’t know that Batman is Bruce Wayne….even Thou that is the arc where he FUCKING TELLS HER! Marvel’s reboot isn’t so much as a reboot. It’s a RENUMBER, which is better. That’s what DC should have done. Now DC is in the boat that they have done too much and have become this uncontrollable mess that they can’t handle. 52 titles, that is what they are juggling, and losing writers left and right. So we are hinting in the old Canon, which is better because it is filler than the new stuff.  Which creates the issues that they are having now, were their characters aren’t even acting the same way; Such as all the Superman shit I can find he is either dating or married to Lois Lane. You know, the woman that they want him no where near. So that’s awkward. And an issue for another day.

But back to Deadpool; and really, the character is himself. It’s great. This is the first thing of Deadpool I have ever bought, but I seen him on forums and stuff, and giggled at everything I have seen. This put me in tears. Deadpool is being Deadpool; but that doesn’t mean we can’t see other characters be themselves. Captain America and Thor show up for a little bit, and they feel natural. DC, just to compare, doesn’t have that. Superman and Wonder Woman, as I have said, feel like Batman.  Not saying I don’t like Batman, because we all know about how I feel about that man, but they aren’t Batman. Wonder Woman doesn’t feel like her at all, and I keep picking it up hoping it will change for some fucked up reason. Superman, for a while, was nice to see shit bother him, but the problem is it got old. It became a question of why the fuck is he even acting like Clark Kent any more. He has no reason to pretend any more. He can go live on the watchtower and be Superman 24/7. One of the things that made Superman great, even though I am not a fan of him really, was that he had more humanity than Batman. But now he doesn’t.  And I started to miss the Blue Boy Scout. At Least then we had pieces of who he was.  But now he is a super powered Batman; as Wonder Woman is just Batman with Tits. So everyone is just a form of Batman in the DC Universe.

Damnit, I’m trying to stay on Deadpool. Really, It’s just Deadpool really highlighted a lot of issues that DC has for me now. DC lost what their characters were about. So their response was to make them Batman. Marvel said fuck it, we will renumber and keep shit the same. Then we will get new fans and keep the old ones happy. It’s a Win-Win. DC said, let’s shit on the old fans and keep all the new ones. The new ones are we need to keep happy, even though they haven’t shown any fucking loyalty to us.

Back to Deadpool, nothing is really explained yet, but for fuck sake it doesn’t really need to be. You know as much as Deadpool does, but he really just for fun. And they are trying to put him on a team. I can’t wait to see how that works out.

Wow, for talking about Marvel, I bitched about DC a lot. I think the problem inlays that Marvel is written better and I can’t joke about it.

I mean, shit, look at this panel.

Not even half of the funny shit in this thing.


Nothing I say is gonna top that.




  1. Good ole Deadpool! Yeah, his comics are pretty amazing! I agree with your points about New 52. I prefer the old Superman and Wonder Woman and the New 52 in itself is messed up.

    It could have been a lot better if DC didn’t tie itself up in knots with the continuity. Since it was a reboot, they shouldn’t have kept some things and left others. It should have been a Total reboot. I don’t even think any of the higher ups have a picture of the whole continuity. They need to hurry up this Trinity War and give us back our old continuity!

    Here’s to hoping that Deadpool’s comics stay consistently good!

    • I hope they trinity War gives us at least more of the older canon. But I don’t think it will work because the Trinity isn’t the Trinity any more. The only way they could give a reason to put Wondy there isn’t by her own merits, but by her fucking Supes.

  2. “Deadpool made me realize what a waste of a human being I was. I had been going to the comic shop for over a fucking year, and haven’t picked one up”: This is EXACTLY what I felt for Swamp Thing.
    As I already told you, I bought the TP at a convention, because I had read only good things about it. Last week I read it: it’s so wonderful, I can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. Yes, I had read a lot of enthusiastic reviews, but they never persuaded me to buy it before, because I was thinking “It’s a fantasy comic book, it’s set in a marshland, how could I enjoy something like this? That’s not my cup of tea, it would be a waste of money.” How stupid I was. It’s true, I don’t usually read things like this, but Swamp Thing is a real gem.
    Also, I was lucky to read it as a TP. Each issue is so strictly linked to each other that you have to read them in a single session, to understand the plot properly.

    • I feel like there are a few series that are better in trades than in monthlys. Swamp thing sounds like one of those to me. I think that might be a problem with a few of the series is that the story really should just be it’s own stand alone trade, not a monthly installment thing, but I what do I know.

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