Sorry again

It’s really close to the end of the semster for me, and I’m working on a huge paper. I feel bad that I haven’t been posting real post for awhile now, because I have so much school work. So yet again, a really short post, and with me apolognizing. Hopefully, after this week, I will get things together, and get a backlog of post again.

I want to add to my rant from last week, about shoting Batman which can be found, here. My Friend pointed out that shotting Batman is bad idea because it will cause a power vacum in Gotham. Not only that but you will have the Justice League after them as well. Which is a fair point I guess, but I still have issue with it. The New 52 Justice League doesn’t seems to give a shit about each other. That and Batman and Hal were the only voice of reason that the league seems to have, so if they are both gone, the league is pretty much in the dark. The only other person I could see stepping up is Barry, but no one really listens to him at all. So the league would probably assume that Batman got pissed and didn’t want to hang out with them any more. Not that he was dead. So there is that. That and there would be a flood gate of crime in Gotham that shooting him would probably not have a pay off.


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