Deadpooly Love

I was planning on doing an article about how DC is sexist, and have a lot good points such as how they treat women in their comics, along with Gail Simone’s unprofessional firing; then I realized something. What is the point of pointing out that DC is sexist, when that is like saying the sky is blue? Fish swim, bird fly, and DC are sexist mother fuckers. I’m sure it will get better when they realize women have the right to vote, and money of their own that they could buy comics with; but that seems to be far off. After all, the first comic they decide to throw at the fair sex ((Which wasn’t Wonder Woman, because she is for men now, which is why they got rid of the Amazons. Thought I don’t think that men are going to run around in Wonder Woman stuff, but what the fuck do I know. I have tits.)) had a rape scene in it for edgy shook value that just turned me off to the series.
So let me talk about Deadpool instead. We are on issues three now and can I talk about something that I think is awesome, is that most of the presidential facts they throw out into the story are pretty much right on the money. I mean Benjamin Franklin was the world biggest womanizer. They have brought that up twice and fun fact, they sent Franklin to France because he keep sticking it to everyone’s wife. I like this just because it gives more depth to the story, and I love how in the first issue had Jimmy Carter there pointing out he isn’t dead and we haven’t seen him since. So I don’t know what to think of that, but it is what it is.
I think writing were we can see the research is always better. It shows how they much they care about their craft and how far they are willing to make a joke. And it makes for better and much more clever writing. And Deadpool is the shit.
I don’t have any way to end this, so I take a small bow. So here is Teddy beating up a Bear. Just Because I can end it on that. And it is my favorite panel of all time now.





  1. Talking about mrs. Simone, I read some articles about her dismissal.
    First of all, firing her BY E-MAIL was an incredibly coward and in bad taste decision. If you decide to fire a worthy author undeservedly, at least show you’ve got the balls to tell him/her in person.
    Secondly, it’s impossible to know the whole truth, the real reason why DC decided to kick her off. If it were publicly revealable, mrs. Simone or DC would have already said it. We can only formulate some theories. I’ll try to explain you my theory.
    It is crystal clear that most DC editors are unbearable, and they hugely irritate DC writers. Some writers remain silent, some others escape flat out from DC, and some others do not escape, but are too aggressive to remain silent.
    Maybe mrs. Simone belongs to the third category: maybe she told her editor what she thought about him, he asked his superior to choose between him and her, and DC made the worst decision possible.

    • I been following her blog. She just got fired from Batgirl, not the company itself, so she is still going to on minis. But that is a waste of her talent, and her fans on pissed and alreay planning not to but DC stuff.

      But this doesn’t help their arguement that they aren’t sexist. 20 years ago, they had around 12 female writers on 12 main titles. And not just were it was women as the title characters, we are talking one of these Titles was Superman. Now, since they have lost Simone, they have 2. And What Dido said at SDCC in 2011 is still hurting them. They want to act like the pass thirty years haven’t happened. But the fact is that is has.

      I just want to know how much does DC have to do, pissing the fans off till they realize that we are in charge of the money that they want so baddly.

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