Happy NEW YEAR!!

Some things can't be perfect. But this is damn close. And I am back to the batbeard damnit.

Some things can’t be perfect. But this is damn close. And I am back to the batbeard damnit.

Yet again, taking the day off because I’m lazy but we all knew this. I will see you all next year! It was either this or how stupid the Man of Steel, Woman of Keelxe is. Mostly because you can defend it with the fact that Superman’s piss doesn’t destory toliets. If his piss can’t do that, I doubt his sperm can go through walls, fly, and inpregnat everyone woman in a five mile radius. ((What? I have read the damn thing, unlike I guess, the people at DC))

My Goal next year is to get more into Marvel, because, well, they seem to treat women better and I’m sick of waiting for DC to remove their heads from their asses.



  1. The Marvel NOW! series I’m going to try are FF, Thunderbolts and Young Avengers. Which Marvel NOW! comics will you buy?

    • Young Avengers is on the list, so is Deadpool, Captain America, Captain Marvel ((Who isn’t really marvel now but Caorl is the shit and I will plug her every chance I get.)) Gambit, Hawkeye, Uncanny Avengers, Avengers, and I am stupidly excited for Deadpool Killustarion.

      • I read a lot of “Best comics of 2012” posts, and Hawkeye was in every single list I bumped into. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Hawkeye TP I ordered last year.

      • It’s so good, you are in for a good treat.

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