A Bonus Blog -Backlog And Batwoman

NOTe: This was an old Blog post that said it posted but pulled a dick move and didn’t, so I am reposting it now. And because I think there are a few points that need to get out into the world.

Because my Comic was closed for a bit, and they are pretty much the only pony in town ((Not completely true, but the other places are not my boys damnit)) I have a huge backlog of comics that I have to get through. And we are talking a few, we are talking about fifty.

So because of that, I’m a bit behind. But Fear not, I have something to Bitch about!

Batwoman has been dropping the ball for me so hard core that it is driving me mad. Her and Wonder Woman may be in the same comic, but they might as well be half way across the world from one another, because I honestly could not buy they were working together. There is a little text box Diana has about how she is not as brave as Batwoman and basically a shitty human being.

Hey, Remember when Wonder Woman kicked some serious ass and was willing to do what ever it took to get the job done? Where she was a strong female character who didn’t need a man to drag her around and have someone basically control everything that she did? Yea? How she was the one out of the Trinty to do whatever it took to save the world, including killing a man even if it ment the two men she saw as her best friends and allies may never talk to her again? Yea, me too, and I want to know where the fuck did she go?

The New 52 Wonder Woman is complete shit. Her own comic isn’t about her, it’s about the new gods and everyone else in the story. SHe isn’t strong or Brave, she is just there. She is a prop. And it pains me to say that. I love Diana. Or more of I loved what was there before they decided that her only use was to get in Superman’s bed and not leave it. That her only worth is just to be Superman’s fuck toy, and that she is weak and whimpy. Fuck, she feels that way in her own comic. And they wonder why she isn’t selling. They removed all that made her Wonder Woman there. I hate how that has become the most important thing in the Universe, is what is going in Wonder Woman’s vagina. It shouldn’t be. As I have said so many fucking times before, That should not be the corner stone of your universe is two characters and their fucking relationship. It is still written like they are friends, and really, it should have ended 2 issues ago.  It has no where to go, and the characters have no contrast with each other. Contrast in a romantic relationship is what makes it interesting for the viewer, the reader, what have you. No Contrast, no Drama. DC is trying to force drama because everyone is against it. Which makes it come off forced. But That is a blog post for another day. Because I’m still pissed about it.

And she is coming that way in Batwoman. And the other problem I have with it is that Batwoman has become to fucking worder. I have issue 14, and got it before my shop was closed down for two weeks, and I just just can’t get through it. It’s like someone is trying to pull my teeth out of my head. There are though speeches, and they are fucking speeches, that these two women have that go fucking no where. And it would be much more interesting to see these two women interact. I was excited at first because I thought the real Wonder Woman was going to be in there. She isn’t.

I have been making jokes to my Fiancee that blue boot Wonder Woman isn’t Wondy. She is a puppet made by Cicere to think she is Wonder Woman, and make everyone else think that too. And Red Boot Wonder Woman is really out there somewhere, and when she breaks free, she is gonna kick the shit out of Blue Boot Wonder Woman. I would say that is what DC is leading up for, but really, that is never going to fucking happen, because that would be creative. And DC doesn’t do creative. They do gimmiky and bullshit.

Marvel does, and that new Deadpool comic is going to be the greatest thing ever.


Batwoman #12

So they put Wonder Woman and Batwoman together. AND IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME DAMNIT!

Damn, DC, are you reading my mind?

As I have been gushing like crazy, Batwoman has been really using a lot of folklore because they are awesome like that. Pulling Wonder Woman into this is just putting the best icing on a kick ass cake they have baking for a while with this series. Most of the issues is the two of them apart, with Kate knowing they are going to hook up, but Diana in the dark.

Well, she does kick ass.

Diana is just talking about herself and how she kicks ass. Wonder Woman is getting a little egoistical over the years here it seems. It made me giggle. I mean, why is she inner monologuing so hard while fighting a bunch of a cultist. I’m wondering if Diana is looking for Zola’s Baby because Hermes turns out to be a dick, just to tie in the story. And just to jump on that real quick, which was surprising and not; after all, Greek Gods didn’t do nice things, just like fairies. Diana shouldn’t have been so trusting.

Really, Snakes for hair is where you draw the line?

And saying that Medusa is just a head case? Really?  You realize you are standing right next smoking skeleton? Medusa is just too far for you?

Oh dear. Bonus thought, the running bar made me laugh.

Kate still looking for the kids, Maggie is trying to keep the parents from going ape. Which makes you wonder why people in Gotham don’t get mad that the cops seem to leave all big cases to a man in a Batman Suit; I feel like that should have gotten madder sooner. And we see the first fight between the two of them. And I called it was because of Batwoman. As I have said before, we as the reader has a stake in this relationship, and I really want to see Kate come clear on who she is.

I really can’t wait see Diana and Kate go around kicking ass. It is going to be great. Because there is no way I can see this getting fucked up.

Relationships, in my comics? It’s more likely than you think.

I’m sorry, this some how turned into how to write a relationship, very vaguely.

I know on Earth 2 we got robbed of Alan’s and Sam’s relationship, which had a few stinks raised about it because they were gay, and pretty much nothing else.  Well, there is one gay relationship that DC hasn’t destroyed yet. And that is Maggie and Kate. Everything in their relationship is natural, and it has been a lot of fun seeing it build over the past couple comics.

Oh yea, this is good stuff.

But what really made this relationship work? Well, the fact that the characters are working on it. What is the first thing we see Kate do at first chance after Sune kisses her? Tell Maggie. And they have a beautiful moment talking about secrets in their lives, Kate about her mother and sister Beth, and Maggie with her daughter Jamie. I really feel like this relationship adds to the story. I care about it. I have a stake in their relationship.

And that is something that is lacking a lot of the time. I don’t know why writers decide that relationships only matter to the characters, they don’t. They matter to the readers as well. If the reader doesn’t have a stake in it, anything they try to do with that relationship to raise tension doesn’t matter to us.

If you compare them to Bruce and Natalya, the relationship that I bitched about last week, it makes that relationship seemed more tacked on than ever before. Why? We never saw that relationship grow. Hell, I don’t even know where that woman came from. And I have been reading since issues one….so what the French freaking Toast? (Yea, trying to cut down on my potty mouth, we will how long that last). Well, that is true to most of Batman’s girlfriends, I have just gotten in the habit of forgetting their names because they are pointless 90% of  the time and the other 10% are evil or Catwoman. I know Batman goes after relationships that are not going to work because he is an idiot, but really, they could at least try to makes us care about these women. Because there is a habit of putting these women in danger and I have to care about them if you wanted the desired effect DC. You know, to raise the tension. If I don’t care if they get hit with a bus, you have to work twice as hard to make me understand why Batman does.

And even with Catwoman, I don’t see how they ended up getting married in Earth 2 because their relationship in the new 52 is just hooking up. Earth 2 it must have been completely different. Which was awkward and weird, and made me wonder if I should pick up the trade or not; yes, a lot of their relationship was a cat and mouse game, but they just cut the game and went to sex? In her first two issues, I DON’T UNDERSTAND! Where was the cat and mouse, and he just showed up in her hotel and two minutes later they are going at it. Which was like….well, this is awkward. And that was a direct quote from me when I saw it.

That was part of the fun with those two, the cat and mouse game and seeing the two play off each other. When you cut that out of Batman and Catwoman, you really have nothing. Which I don’t know if it changed or not later in her series because I haven’t picked it up, so I’m just going on what I have seen, and I didn’t enjoy. And I used to loved watching those two play games.

Thinking about it, this is the problem in JLA too. Does everyone hate each other, have an almost family like bond, best buds that hold poker nights on the watchtower? FUCK IF I KNOW!

Anyways, to sum this up, Buy Batwoman, it is amazing. I have yet to find something I haven’t liked about it.


Drive By #2-Wonder Woman and Batwoman #10-Chicks Clearly Rule

I was sick all weekend, so didn’t have much of a chance to get on to starting this blog post…so we are going to get another drive by. Sorry. But it is about women, so how can it be bad?

Wonder Woman #10

Well, she is a bamf

One of the things I’m really enjoying about the New Wonder Woman stuff. I know a lot of people are upset by it, for whatever reason they have, but I’m really digging it.

The reason is because I really enjoy Greek Mythos, so seeing the cannon go back to that opens realms of possibilities. Especially if they are going to bring in other Demi-Gods. There are some great ones to choose from. Example, one of the demi-god sons of Poseidon, could not be harmed on dry land. How would one defeat him? Well, in one of the versions of Theseus tale, he defeats him by holding him off the ground and stabbing him in the neck. Yea. I can’t wait to see what comes out next.

I also like how Wondy is a little bit of a punk in this. And hear me out, but after she finds out that she is Zeus’s daughter she goes to a club in London….a Club in London that looks like a punk club. And this isn’t the first time she shown listening to punk music. She gets a taste in Odyssey. So it is nice to see that Wondy is getting a personality that isn’t like the one in JL. She seems like an over active child that wants to just punch things in that. I’m hoping the time skip is going to fix that.

The redesigns of the Gods have been pretty awesome. I mean, they are creative and interesting to look at. Which is always important in a visual median. The only thing I will get a little nerd pissy about is the Eros is not Hephatestus’s son, he is Aries. But I think the point was that the Smith loves him anyways, so I’m going to let that slide.

And it was cool to see that Diana didn’t have to lie to save Hades. And the depictution of the underworld was pretty cool.

Batwoman #10 Aww yea.

Oh Dear…She’s A MAN!

I picked up all the Batwoman stuff after picking up the trade. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. Like I said before, I love transformed folklore, which is funny that the two series I have talked about in this drive by feature that. But I love it when writers present their research in a way without beating us over the head with it, I felt that has been done with Batwoman.

I’m not too keen on the jumping around telling the story in different points in time, because I feel that the reader loses out on a lot in the first straight read; but I’m willing to overlook it. I feel that they have structured it in a way that it works really well and there is no reason to stop it. It just gives me more to enjoy when I reread it.

I’m also glad that it looks like the love Triangle that Sune, Kate, and Maggie find themselves in, doesn’t look like it will be played up that much. Because I find that shit annoying because it is shitty writing, and not a way to drive up drama. And there is no reason for it because Kate doesn’t like Sune and I feel they have set Maggie’s and Kate’s relationship in a way that yes, it has problems, but it is still pretty small. I don’t think the kiss from Sune is going to affect it, because Maggie doesn’t know Kate is Batwoman. It would be a different story if she did know. I think that there is a problem between Kate and Maggie, and Sune is going to have no effect on their relationship. It is going to be Batwoman that is the problem. Really their love triangle is Kate, Maggie and Batwoman.

And Sune turning into a man, I can’t wait for  #11.

So that is really it. I will have something better for tomorrow, promise. It will either be a rant on how it is unfair that the night of owls lead into Batman #10 because now I feel I can’t be mad at it, or Green Lantern Corps #10. Still on the fence on that.

Batwoman and A Drive By

I love how we have a short week about two weeks ago, and I felt I had nothing to talk about. Then this week happens and I want to talk about everything at once, so I’m just going to do a drive by on a few and come back later. Hopefully.

Batman and Robin #10

Their faces. Just their faces.

Okay, I totally want a comic that is just Tim and Damian doing basic task together and being complete dicks to one another. Because the way those two talk to each other just makes me laugh my ass off. It would be completely entertaining. And Jason saying Bat Ass is a crack up as well.

Batman # 10

Oh shit. I mean, holy fucking shit.

Not to give anything away yet, but holy shit, is this really true? Then Bruce’s life just keeps getting more fucked up with every passing day on some level. All I can say about this, is holy fucking shit. I can’t wait for next month. And I thought this week was going to fizzle out because the Night of Owls event felt…well, now I don’t know what I think about it because it lead up to this.

Green Lantern #10

Well. This isn’t going to be good.

He’s Back! Wonder what is going to happen now that the leader of the Black Lanterns has his ring back. Are we getting a new black Lanterns invasion? I hope not, I mean, they already did that. Thou Zombies are fun, and you can’t really go wrong with them.

Batwoman-Volume 1-Hydrology

I’m going down.

Okay, done with the drive by, now on to something else I want to talk about. Batwoman trade, which I picked up and inhaled yesterday. There are just so many things about it that is just so sweet. I mean, I love the art, and the story. Oh the story is great. I love the transformed folklore that they are using with La LLorona and keeping rather true to the folklore itself. The story that they use as La Llorona’s backstory is one of the versions of her tale told in Mexico.  ( I took an intro to Folklore last semester and we talking about this story and the meaning behind it.) It’s nice to see that they did their research there because lord knows they haven’t always been good at that. Ever wonder why Wonder Woman has a Roman name? All the gods she got her powers from were known by their Roman names….and they were passing her off as Greek…Whoops. It isn’t a big deal, just one of those funny little things.

The only thing I don’t really understand is how people don’t know that Batwoman is Kate Kane, because my god she is the palest mother fucker on the planet. I mean, really, you look at her and batwoman and you can’t tell if they are the same person? That is really the only thing that takes me out of it, because the first part is Bruce trying to find out if she is batwoman or not and I was like, really, Bruce, you can’t fucking tell by looking at her?  You have to stalk her for a whole issue? Okay. Whatever floats your boat.

The tone of the story also works really well, which is nice to see another side of grit that Gotham has to offer without Batman. I won’t say that this has the same grittiness that any of the Batman comics has, but it does have a similar tone. Which is in short, awesome.

I think the choice of using the legend of La Llorona is freaking awesome. The fact that they have her still dealing with the death of her sister, who drowned, at the same time this ghost is going around and killing child, with water; is in short, brilliant.

Even the relationship that they have her getting into feels real and not forced because she is a hero in a comic series. Like they are really falling for each other and want it to work. At least we are getting some woman on woman love. We will have to work for it for Alan Scott it seems.

This is really great story telling and I’m mad at myself for not having it on my pull list. That shit might change.

Edit: Just a quick correction, Wonder Woman’s first run, she had a roman name and so did her Gods. Not sure what happen with the research there but it is what it is. When they rebooted they fixed that and left Diana with the name she has always had. That is always when in Earth 2 they still have the Roman Names.