Suicide Squad #9- Deadshot needs to stop killing team members

I’m the Team Killing Fucktard!

For Reals. I think he has killed more team mates than he has other people at this point in the series. He has just screwed people over left and right, with no rhyme or reason to the whole thing. All she wanted to do is just get revenge for her sister and that they are all had a reason for wanting Waller dead. She wasn’t asking, Deadshot, for a bullet in the stomach. I mean, shit she watched her sister’s head blow up in front of her! Don’t you think she deserves a little revenge? AND CHANGESAW TIME! I’m having Ash Flashbacks, so is someone going to get raped by a tree? (What. Evil Dead. There, I explained the Joke.)

You say that now…

But seriously, why does Deadshot feel he has the only right to kill Waller? He thinks he only has a reasonable reason to do so? If anyone even looks at her funny, Deadshot is all protective. I doubt that he is all wanting to be the super worker for her. He wants out just like everyone else and it makes you wonder if he is coming up with a plan to kill her and doesn’t want a bunch of idiots to fuck it up for him. Yea, that could work.
And Harely being NORMAL? I wonder how long that is going to work with crew set up. Or if Waller is going to force her back into the state she was before. Because, we all know what a dick Waller is. She would do that kind of thing. And there is the question of how much Harley remembers, I mean, does she remember the things she has done as Harley Quinn? Or just how she was before she fell in love with the Joker? How much fun would it be see her comes to terms with what she has done and who she has hurt….Oh let’s face it, she is going to go back to normal in a few comics. (Well, normal for her.) All comics have the habit of Status Quo is God. No one stays dead, everyone does whatever they want because at the end of the day, they will end up the same. I feel like going back to those ideas every time, in comics, cheapen the whole thing. It makes you wonder if these characters have the ability to learn things, or not? Not saying that they don’t grow, it just sometimes doesn’t feel like it really sticks. Which, from a writers view, is completely annoying. I mean, How many times does Batman have to date a female supervillian, and still go out with them after he realizes that is what they are? Someone who is supposed to be as smart as he is, he is a fucking stupid. That drives me crazy and honestly comes off as completely lazy writing. But that is a rant for another day.

I’m going back to playing Diablo 3 now. Because I’m pimp like that.