Relationships, in my comics? It’s more likely than you think.

I’m sorry, this some how turned into how to write a relationship, very vaguely.

I know on Earth 2 we got robbed of Alan’s and Sam’s relationship, which had a few stinks raised about it because they were gay, and pretty much nothing else.  Well, there is one gay relationship that DC hasn’t destroyed yet. And that is Maggie and Kate. Everything in their relationship is natural, and it has been a lot of fun seeing it build over the past couple comics.

Oh yea, this is good stuff.

But what really made this relationship work? Well, the fact that the characters are working on it. What is the first thing we see Kate do at first chance after Sune kisses her? Tell Maggie. And they have a beautiful moment talking about secrets in their lives, Kate about her mother and sister Beth, and Maggie with her daughter Jamie. I really feel like this relationship adds to the story. I care about it. I have a stake in their relationship.

And that is something that is lacking a lot of the time. I don’t know why writers decide that relationships only matter to the characters, they don’t. They matter to the readers as well. If the reader doesn’t have a stake in it, anything they try to do with that relationship to raise tension doesn’t matter to us.

If you compare them to Bruce and Natalya, the relationship that I bitched about last week, it makes that relationship seemed more tacked on than ever before. Why? We never saw that relationship grow. Hell, I don’t even know where that woman came from. And I have been reading since issues one….so what the French freaking Toast? (Yea, trying to cut down on my potty mouth, we will how long that last). Well, that is true to most of Batman’s girlfriends, I have just gotten in the habit of forgetting their names because they are pointless 90% of  the time and the other 10% are evil or Catwoman. I know Batman goes after relationships that are not going to work because he is an idiot, but really, they could at least try to makes us care about these women. Because there is a habit of putting these women in danger and I have to care about them if you wanted the desired effect DC. You know, to raise the tension. If I don’t care if they get hit with a bus, you have to work twice as hard to make me understand why Batman does.

And even with Catwoman, I don’t see how they ended up getting married in Earth 2 because their relationship in the new 52 is just hooking up. Earth 2 it must have been completely different. Which was awkward and weird, and made me wonder if I should pick up the trade or not; yes, a lot of their relationship was a cat and mouse game, but they just cut the game and went to sex? In her first two issues, I DON’T UNDERSTAND! Where was the cat and mouse, and he just showed up in her hotel and two minutes later they are going at it. Which was like….well, this is awkward. And that was a direct quote from me when I saw it.

That was part of the fun with those two, the cat and mouse game and seeing the two play off each other. When you cut that out of Batman and Catwoman, you really have nothing. Which I don’t know if it changed or not later in her series because I haven’t picked it up, so I’m just going on what I have seen, and I didn’t enjoy. And I used to loved watching those two play games.

Thinking about it, this is the problem in JLA too. Does everyone hate each other, have an almost family like bond, best buds that hold poker nights on the watchtower? FUCK IF I KNOW!

Anyways, to sum this up, Buy Batwoman, it is amazing. I have yet to find something I haven’t liked about it.



Ode to Sam

Oh Look, They are so in love. Hope nothing happen to them, like a train.

I know I said that it doesn’t count if you don’t see the body. But that only counts with Morrison’s writing. I’m pretty sure that Sam is dead. Because this is Robinson, the Guy who wrote Cry for Justice and he murdered a lot of Gays in that and a small child and took Ray Haper’s arm. I think the only reason Batwoman is still alive because she looked at that and went, that is some bullshit and left.

Because of this, I’m writing an ode to Sam and his wonderful characterization. We will always remember how….Gay he was? How he wore a black shirt. And liked Bullet Trains. And Loved Alan Scott. And liked to lean up against walls. And how everyone called him Alan’s Friend. Like they weren’t dating. And liked to plan trips. See, he was well developed before they dropped a freakin’ train on him.

Oh wait, no he wasn’t. He was a god damn prop. And that is something that should piss us off. What is the point to introducing a character that you are just going to murder not without giving him any personality. His personality is he loves Alan Scott and that they are gay. But that doesn’t work for me. The Character had a grand total of 9 Panels were we actually saw him. He gets a little more if you could the one where we don’t see him. We get about 11.

Good writing, every death affects us. Even if it is a character you don’t like. It creates some form of emotion. The only emotion I’m really feeling is that Robinson hates homosexauls. No, really, that is what I’m feeling. Which doesn’t make sense to me why he would make Alan Scott gay because he clearly doesn’t like writing them.

Oh the other thing we will remember about Sam is how he has blue eyes and black hair. Just like the trinity. Well, his blues fall more into the gray area….but that’s beside the point.  We didn’t get to know this character. WE GOT ROBBED.

The point to making Alan Scott Gay is clear. It was to sell comics. Which is fine. That is what they are in the business to do. But to pull this shit, someone needs to be slapped, and I vote we go knock Robinson around.

And in the whole gay character, Tim Drake would have made more sense. I mean look at his cowl….HE MADE HIS HEAD LOOK LIKE A PENIS FOR GOD SAKE! And he is afraid of boobs.

Oh and his real name was Samuel but prefered to called Sam.

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