Free Comic Day

Just a quick post today, as I’m entering my last week of school and have two huge papers due tomorrow that I haven’t started yet. So this is gonna be quick but tomorrow’s post will be long and fun.

I picked up a bunch of free comics, that will probably make my pull list grow, but it turned into a big shopping day.

I picked up Batman Hush trade and my fiancée picked up one of the brightest Day’s books. (We are slowly working our way backwards and forwards, as will this blog. Get used to it now.)

But my favorite, favorite thing I picked up was a Batman Mini series called Gotham Nights. I’m planning on going into that gem tomorrow, so stay tuned. It is basically a ground level of Gotham city without having Batman in it at all. And there is a crazy woman with a gun. And a Fat Wonder Woman. Yea, A fat Wonder Woman. And the best ads I have ever seen. And it is from ’92. And it was 4$ for all of them.

Out of the new 52 we got Earth 1, World’s Finest, and Part one of the Teen Titans Annul. Now I’m going to pick up the trade, but why are they all in Tron outfits? I have been trying to figure that out for the life of me. They are cool, but I’m want their villian to turn out to be Clu or Stark.

And this is a little aside about why free comic day hates me. Now, I’m from Kentucky. And there is this thing called the Derby. And it is always on the first Saturday of May….just like free comic day. Because God hates me. My momma throws a party every year and I can not, not go to my mother’s party. So I am just doing a rush into the comic shop and be back at her house by 11 or my mother murders me. Which isn’t a problem because I am the legal drinking age, and there is booze at the house and not at the comic shop.

And the Horse that win this year, had the best name ever. I’ll have another. That was the horses name.

The down side, is I never adventure out to other comics shops on free comic day. Not that I would want to, I love the guys I go too.