The Rocketeer #1

This was the first time I have ever read or seen the Rocketeer, and can I just say, for someone who has never seen this before, it was a joy to read. The story was great, the characters are great, the art is great. I have nothing to complain about.

This is how you write a crush

This is a really charming character. Sally’s crush on Cliff feels like what a real little girl would act like, (See Johns, this is how you write a crush, not just shoving people together because they have same color clothing and look good together.) and in the end, she is just causing trouble. I really like Sally, she is really charming.

And time for some sexy!

Cliff and Betty’s relationship feels real as well. It feels like the two are in love, and are trying to make it work. When Sally gives Betty crap for liking the Rocketeer, who Sally doesn’t know is Cliff, Betty gets pissed. She ends up dragging Cliff outside to yell at him.

This is a hero

Cliff, the rocketeer himself, is just well, charming. (I keep using that work, sorry) He is just trying to be a hero, and he does it well. He ends up finding out about Sally incident with Mr. Feeney and wants to go and beat him up. This is a good hero here folks!

I know this was a movie and I don’t know how the two compare, but the comic has been fun to read and worth looking into. The story hasn’t really picked up yet, the first issues was really more about the characters and their relationships.

This is on the short side, but what can I say, it is good, and I mostly complain about crap in my reviews. So….yea.