What a strong female in a Comic? It is more likely than you think.

Hey, so did you know DC actually put out a comic with a strong female lead? I know right, the way they have been treating their old strong female characters, Wonder Woman, Star Fire, Catwoman you would think that they were just a bunch of sexist ASSES! I mean shit, do they think it is the 90’s again? I am here to tell you that this not always the case and we should be glad for it.

Look, a woman that is not half naked.

Enter Phantom Lady. After watching her parents get murdered on Christmas Eve by the mob, she decides to get her revenge on the people who did it. So Jennifer does the sensible thing because she is a DC universe character and becomes a Vigilante. Because you know, why get therapy?

Turns out her father worked for the Daily Planet and was killed because he was obsessed with taking down Robert Bender, the guy running the mob and his family had for over two centuries.

Jennifer has set herself a goal, and she is clearly trying to take down these people by using her sex to do it. Yes, it isn’t completely sexist, but she is dating the son of the man who murdered her parents to get closer in and get the information to take them down.

Enter Dane, her blah companion who is mostly her tech guy. Oh, he is in love with her too, but they are childhood friends. So you know they are going to be a couple by the end of it; ignoring the fact most childhood friends act like sibblings than lovers.

Their Home base is a junkyard and I have to say, this really makes how the common man could become a vigilante. After all, not everyone has a shit ton of money to spend on Bat themed crap.

Get out of there Jen, he is going to do something stupid to protect you and expect a cookie for it!

Well it is Dane’s fault the mob ends up coming after them because Jennifer took a nap and Dane took a stupid. See Jen had gotten this phone from her boyfriend, and she was going to use it to get him put in jail. So Dane copies the information off the phone and mails it back to the guy in order to protect the two of them.

And this backfires horribly and Dane gets turned into Doll man at the end of the issues.

It was nice to see a character that is female and smarter than her male counterpart. Too bad this is 4 part miniseries. I really hope DC stops making their female characters weak and six ways to useless; it would be nice to see the strong women we once had.