Under The Red Hood

So I bought the movie, Batman Under the Red Hood Friday night….and have watched it every day since, because, well, I have no life. And love Batman. And since I can’t really come up with anything to talk about I’m going to point out a few things that I enjoyed about the movie.

1.) Ra’s Al Ghul being upset that Jason got killed. I love it when we have complex villains, rather than two dimensional ones. Ra’s was bothered by the fact that Jason was killed and it was his fault. Not saying that he didn’t think the next part every well, but hey, no one perfects.

2.) Watching Nightwing and Batman work together. And the Banter. Dear God the Banter. After watching it a few times it didn’t get old. That surprised me. I figured when I watched it the third time in three days I was going to want to slap him. But no. That didn’t happen. One of the Best line: “I’m chatty, it’s part of my charm.”

3.) The End scene was adorable, but sad. We know how Jason’s tenure as Robin ends within the first like, ten minutes of the movie, and hearing him say that it was the best day of his life, was a knife twist. Seeing Bruce kind of happy and a bit of hamming it up with the kid was sad. We know how their relationship ends, with Jason hating Bruce. But I love that it is like Batman really is just a giant kid. (Who beats the shit out of people every night and kicks a lot of ass when he wants too, but still, giant kid.) Which, on some level, he is. Best line out of the scene: “Would have, if I haven’t heard you slip behind the computer bay three minutes ago!”

4.) The Joker was actually a threat. I remembering watching Batman:TAS and the Joker in that was just a clown, and not really that dark. And I know that was because it was for kids but I’m sorry, the TAS treated you more like an adult than Batman and Robin did. Why do you think Nolan say that Robin wasn’t going to show up in Batman, I will give you a hint, it was that movie. But back to the Red Hood, the Joker was the mix bag of horrifying and funny. I laughed when he killed Black Mask men, because he was funny. It is sick man.

5.) Jason pointing out that there is no reason why the Joker should be alive; by saying that Bruce’s Morals are too fucked up, not seeing that if Bruce crosses that line, there is nothing stopping him from killing anyone in Gotham that is trying to stand in Batman’s way. It was like seeing the two different ends of what Batman could become. That was really really…good.

The only down side is that Batman is voiced by someone else, who did a great job, but it wasn’t Kevin Conroy. Who is, I’m sorry, Batman’s voice. If I had all the money in the world I would pay him to read me batman comics all day long.

Edit: Some Mornings I’m not with it. And don’t think to read the blog…or Hit spell check….So I’m going to go sit in the corner, and flog myself for my failings as a human being.


Bonus Blog and an Update-THE HUNTSMAN!

First the UPDATE! MY COMPUTER IS FIXED! My God. When you can’t do scans or have more two things open, you can’t believe how much you miss it. Or the fact that I have the urge to now, scan every comic I own.

I wanted to talk about Snow White and the Huntsman. First of all, anyone who feels that Kristen Stewart is more Beautiful than Charlize Theron needs to be taking out into the dark forest and left there. I mean, FUCKING REALLY? It doesn’t work for me. Because I am a straight girl and I want to bang Charlize Theron. Well, she is on the list of women I would totally do. So the movies fails on that note.

Also, the Huntsman is freaking Thor. I wanted him to pull out the hammer and go to town. I mean, between Theron and Thor, (And yes, that is his new name. Because I said so.) they were the best parts of the movie.

Stewart reminded me of a dead fish. And that is a problem for an actor…I mean, She confused acting for a british accent. And a bad one at that.

The Story was kinda crap. I mean, they say that Snow White is the essence of life, but she doesn’t have the ability to bring people back to life. Except she can. I mean, she brings the land back to life, everything gets better, but when Gus dies, she can’t do shit. That…doesn’t make sense to me. But she is able to fix the other girl in the tower who has had her youth sucked away? (Okay, they didn’t show that per se, but they did show her younger at the end for no reason at all.)

And Thor wanting to fuck Snow White. That came out of left field. I mean, I first thought that is was a daughter father feel they were going for, but then they went for the romance angle when she was “dead”. It was like….what?

It wasn’t a bad movie….it just wasn’t that good. I was making jokes throughout the whole thing, which to me means that I was bored. The Costumes and Sets were amazing and there are few scenes that are worth seeing in theaters, but for the most part, it is a kinda silly story.

I mean, if I was a king, who just fought an army of glass people and there just happened to be a woman in the middle of the field of battle that said she was their prisoner, I would call bullshit. She is clearly the witch.

And you can’t help but feel for the Queen. She is evil, yes, but implied a rape victim. And I am not sure how I feel about a rape victim being a villain. It raises some questions about how you feel about those people.