A little potty humor

He was there for 8 days. Come on now.

I have a question, where is the zipper on the Batman suit? Is it a leotard or a two piece suit? Or on any of the suits that any superhero wears? I don’t think I have ever seen a comic were it shows them getting dressed, at the most, we get Bruce putting on the cowl.

This brings up a bigger question for me too, down the line, which is, well how do they go to the bathroom?


If the batman suit is a leotard, that means he has to peel the whole thing off to pee. Which one could be like, but Skadi, clearly he makes sure that he doesn’t have to use the bathroom before he goes out on patrol to solve that problem. Okay, I could by that, if not for the fact that there have been moments were he has been in the suit for days on in. Hell, in the last arc of Batman, he was running around in that maze for 8 days. He said so. Which means at one point, he had to go to the bathroom.

The next augment that could be made is that it is two pieces, but really, there is no way that is true, because, well, then there would be a gap between the top and the bottom. Think about it, we have all had shirts ride up, and show off stomachs. So I don’t think a guy running around dressed as bat would bare his midriff. Most of the men that he comes up against carry guns. Won’t be safe to have a gap, even a little one; thou I guess you could tape it or hook it to the pants, but that is stupid.

But Batman isn’t the only one running around in a Leotard, but it is more things, like the Green Lanterns, but they suits are ring constructs so they don’t have much to worry about. The Flash has super speed, so he will be able to take care of things fasted, just like superman. I don’t know why this matters at all to me, it is just something I think about. I think Wonder Woman’s is just two pieces with a belt.

Just something it would be funny if they addressed.