Seeing Red-A rant about Red Lantern

Why do we need a Human rage Lantern? I don’t understand it to tell the truth. I was happy with all the alien lanterns, I don’t think having the same race that I am would change the story that much. Or make me feel better about the human race as a whole. Then again, I’m the asshole who roots for the aliens against humans in any movie; because it doesn’t make any other sense to me. We won’t win an alien invasion. We are too self-absorbed to help other people. Think about it, when you see a mother with small kids struggling to get her grocery bags into the car, you don’t help her. Hell, I bet you laugh when she drops the milk and it spills everywhere. But that is beside the point.
A human Rage lantern. What if you had bad road rage, would that qualify you into becoming a rage lantern? I get mad when someone steals my last coke out of the fridge. Or I’m a girl, so once a month, I might turn into one? Why did it have to be a new human joining the team? Why couldn’t he already have been there? I mean, I’m not a pig and I still enjoyed the shit out of Animal Farm. As long as you have someone who is well rounded as a character, and believable, what does it matter what species they are a part of?
Lets look at Dex-star, the happy little rage cat. I can relate to him very well; I have felt powerless to help someone I loved, have rage issues and enjoy sleeping in sunspots. I’m not a cat, thou if I did and could type up my own blog I would be the coolest fucking cat on the block. That would warrant my own tv show don’t you think? Dex-star being a cat didn’t change how affective his story was. He watched his own killed, whom he loved very much and she was ripped from him. That is something anyone can understand, hell, anyone who has kids that is their greatest fear. And I don’t blame them. It is painful, to lose someone you love go.
So Dex-star story is relatable, Why do we really need John Moore, or Rankorr’s story? Why did they present his story this way? Does having a human on the team really chance anything about that corps? No. All the stories there are relatable and they didn’t need a human to make this story any more or less powerful. In fact, having the human is….just kinda making it the new Green Lantern Corp. While Rankorr isn’t the first human to be a Red Lantern, I know Guy became one for a bit, I’m pretty sure that he is the one that is going to last a while. So he is the Hal Jordan of Rage? (And am I the only one who want Hal to once, just once say, I can’t let you do that, Dave? 2001? Anyone? WHAT IS IT’S A GOOD MOVIE!)
Is Rankorr just a Hal clone? I hope not. But his Origin story had a little bit of the feel that, yea, he is the Hal Jordan of the Rage Lanterns. That seems so cheap to me. Why couldn’t he be in the ranks before the story started, and we got his history in flashbacks like everyone else. And His rage was so understandable, like everyone feels. People get angry, and sometimes it’s over stupid things. Hell, I know I have rage issues, but doesn’t mean I don’t try to keep control on it.
Shit, think about, John got his ring because he had one slip up and had a shit fit. Now he is a rage Lantern. That could happen to anyone. Hell, someone hits your car and it is the final straw and you fucking lose it. Rage Lantern.
But rage runs out. That is the thing about this crops that doesn’t work well. Yes, you can lose your willpower, or love, but it will come back. Those ideas, for the most part, are always around in the back of your mind. Rage….not so much. Some people are never pushed to the breaking point in rage. They never feel it. Using that as something to fuel a group of people trying….
And that is another thing, are they trying to fight crime with murder? That really doesn’t work to well. That is like stealing someone’s bike to show them, stealing bikes is wrong.
And it was addressed that you have to make yourself angry again, because you lose the rage after a while. That….just seemed like a writer dodge, and how many people have the people who wronged them around to punch in the chest? Yea, I don’t.
Which brings me to another thing, this is a corps made up of people who can’t control themselves. That is what rage is. It is uncontrollable anger, and it is hard to just, put a lid on it and get anything done. If you have the ability to put a lid on it, you can’t really have any rage. You are just mad. This is not a way that would have warrant having a whole crops made up of people who can’t control themselves. They would just become mindless killers. Which clearly they are trying to be a little more than that.
I like the series. I don’t understand it. I can’t see where they are going, because you really can’t bring control to rage, because then it isn’t just rage any more. It really can’t be. The whole idea is a little flawed.

Sorry no scans this time around. I’m sick in bed and not getting up. Maybe I will edit later and throw some up.