Robin is too damn tall

Character Heights?

I don’t know how to start with this. I’m not sure it is a rant on art or not. And it is kinda stupid. ((And I’m using Damian becaue he is the one I noticed it with))

Let’s go with it’s an art rant. Or at least a style rant.

And it starts with this. Either Damian is different ages in the different range of comics he is in, or DC has no fucking clue how tall ten year old as.

There is something off about this. Maybe its the TEN YEAR OLD IS TOO FUCKING TALL

First of all, Bruce is a huge dude. He is over 6ft tall, and I have no problem with that. I do have problems with his TEN year old son coming up to his shoulder. I was tall at ten, but I didn’t come up to my mother’s shoulder. She isn’t a big woman. But not only that, I’M THE SEX WITH TITS! I went through my growth spurt before the boys in my class, like a lot go girls. Boys get their height later in puberty. SHIT almost all of DC is men. You would think they would remember this. And then it others it feels like he is coming up to Bruce’s waist. So either this Kid gets bored and hops on slits whenever he has the mood strike, or there is poor communication on how tall he should be.

They are standing next to each other. WTF?

The other thing that is, no matter who is drawing him, if they had a standard place where he hit on someone, it should translate over to all the comics. Least say, they do it by the height of a character based on, I unno, the number of the character’s head stacked on top of itself. (Clearly, I’m not sure how to state this, between the sick and the Dayquil. So if it makes sense, bully good for me.) If that is uniform, for all the artist styles, then the heights would be uniform. But clearly I’m batshit crazy and this can never be.

To sum my rant up, because in my head cold state, I’m not sure how clear I am: I understand different artist are going to draw him different ways. But that only explains why they will look at little different from comic to comic, not their heights. Character heights should be uniform because this shit isn’t that hard!

Sorry this isn’t really at long or that funny, I’m sick from stress and the weather changing out here.  ((It rained, in Southern California!))


Science? In my comic? It’s less likely than you think Part 2

I’m back on this one. [Return of Bruce Wanye The Deluxe Edition ’11]

Can I bitch about cavemen for a second?

Yes, I am back to return of Bruce Wayne, and the first arc again. Why? Because almost everything that happened in it is complete bullshit.  Ask any person studying Archaeology of the Upper Paleolithic.

Yes, your ancestors were hunter and gathers at some point. And there is a fun fact for you, there was a lot less murder back then. Why? Because if you didn’t like someone, you just walked the fuck away. There was no reason to get violent. Funny enough, moving into cities it what caused us to start murdering people. Why? Because you couldn’t just walk away like you used to, after all, it caused more problems for you if you killed someone. Hunting became harder, finding food became harder. Why would you make shit harder on yourself?

Now I’m not saying that there was no murder when we were roaming the land, but really, are you going to stay with Stabby Macstabby if you don’t have too? Because you don’t. Bands were small and mobile, and if you didn’t agree with someone, you could go somewhere else.  You get rid of the person that is killing your people. Plus killing your buddy is a bad idea, because you take down any creature you come around. Megafauna is just that, fucking huge. I don’t know if there were bats the size of men back then, but it is possible. Megafauna don’t fuck around in the size department. Also, there is no reason to really fight for resources, because you trip and fall into food. At least you should be, but Grant didn’t bother to look at shit up. Plus it would make for a slow story. So I can let this slide.

Also, there really was no caveman, because guess what was living in the fucking cave? CAVE BEARS! Motherfucking huge ass cave bears. Yet again, megafauna doesn’t fuck around when it comes to size. Cave Bears that are were willing to eat your ass. So living in a cave was not the best way to survive. Not only that, they were following herds, so they weren’t using permanent homes. The structures that the ‘evil’ clan is using is more likely what people were living in. So….yea.

But you are probably says, Skadi, what about cave paintings? Well, my friends, cave paintings don’t mean that people were living there. In fact, we have found a lot of burials in caves. And we don’t know what the paintings were used for.  Most likely it is a religious thing.

And my final thing is this.  They were living in a society that was equal. There was no status that wasn’t gained by your skills. And when you lost those skills, you lost the status. And it wasn’t like you got to lie around and do whatever, you were still working.

And yes, our lecture in class yesterday was about the people of the Upper Paleolithic, why do you ask?