And now for something completely different.

Since I still can’t scan things I am gonna talk about a comic I just happened to pick up. And this is Serious….I know, I’m scared too.
There are three ways to win me over in a story. One is having a historical setting, another is having Zombies, and the third is to start things off with an Issac Asimov quote. Which I guess makes it clear that I like the New Deadwardians because it mange to do all three in the first issue.
There is a just a style to the story that is just timeless. It is kinda weird. I know it is the Edwardian period and they haven’t tried to explain why there is Zombies. I mean, there is talk of there being a curse and that they are part of what happened with the war, but aside from that, they are just there. That is a bit of sticking point for me, because I always feel that you need to give some reason for the outbreak, and that they they already have a cure when most films go out of their way to be like, there is not time. Unless this started somewhere besides England and was brought back. I have a feeling that they are going to explain it more later but for now we are left in the dark. These people, for the most part, are able to get through their daily lives with no ill effects. There are two different Zones, A and B. Zone B are were there are just Zombies it appears and breaks free. I like how this addresses what would happen if people would be able to get through life.
The other thing is the cure itself. It doesn’t seem to really cure anything at all. To prove this point, the main character, George has already had it. It seems that you don’t need to sleep or eat any more because it. That…is really tackled well in the comic because lets face it, if you are giving a cure that stops you becoming a zombie, it will have side affects. And most you aren’t going to like. I like the idea that you can’t eat or sleep, even though it doesn’t make much sense biological speaking. But that isn’t the point I suppose. It is that people have to keep living in some form or another. And the cure is something you have to keep getting.
George keeps calling the zombies a curse and so far they have stayed in the background. While is nice and sets a very nice tone for the whole piece. It comes off more as a detective story than a Zombie one which I quite enjoy. We spend a lot more time with George who is a Inspector for the homicide unit in Scotland Yard. He is investigating the death of one of the young, the people who have received the cure. I think what makes this story work the best is the fact we aren’t told much. It keeps you wanting to read more and know what happens. After two issues, we still aren’t sure what is all the deed with the Zombies, the young, and the Brights (Normal Humans), but that is okay. It is still an interesting story.
The only large problem I have with it is that there is a lot of ads in the back of the book. I feel the same way with Justice league and Shazam hanging out in the back of the comic. I want more story, not ads guys. That is annoying!