Hey Matches, this one is for you.

Can I be honest for a second? I’m not mad about Damian’s death. Sad about it yes, god yes; I cried over this little boy. He just wanted the love of both his parents. I didn’t want him dead, I wanted to find a way that he could be with his father, running around fighting crime.  I wanted to see him grow up. I’m not saying I don’t feel a little cheated that Batman and Robin will have a new Robin, and not one I care about. But Mad? I have a hard time getting mad at it. But I have a hard time getting mad at something, on some level; I knew it was going to happen.  Morrison left us hints what was going to happen. I don’t know why they had to have Batman Inc. in the main canon, when it felt like it was something outside of it. It sucks, but I don’t feel it as bad as a few other things they have done. It is just more icing, on a cake that is more icing than anything else. I guess I’m just raged out at this point. Plus, I feel that there is a lot of ways that he can end up coming back. After all, he is Ra’s grandson, and that man isn’t opposed to stealing bodies out of the bat’s back yard. ((And you know, look how dead Jason Todd is.))

I can’t get mad that Morrison gave Damian a pretty good moment to shine. Over the comic from when he was introduced, to his death, he grew as a character. We got to watch him grow a soul, and learn that it was good. That was amazing. Morrison also gave Damian what I felt, was a hero’s death. He faced his problems with more dignity than a lot of the ‘adults’ in his universe(cough Superman, Wonder Woman). He didn’t run when things got hard. He didn’t try to find how he was really feeling, or push those feelings onto something else. He didn’t shy away from danger. He went for it. It is just a shame it had to end this way. This kid died saving the world, I can’t put it any less than that. Was it heartbreaking that he sat there and begged for his mother to save his own life? Hell yes it was. But I feel that it served a good purpose. That it had a purpose, unlike something else that is still in canon and fucking every where.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you were reading Batman Inc. from the first issue, we had a pretty big hint this was coming. Bruce was standing in a grave yard, looking at a grave, saying it was over. Batman was over. That was the biggest hint he could give us. I can’t get upset when the hint was there. Unlike something else that they announced a few months back that had no hint or warning. This didn’t slam us in the face with no warning. This slipped in from the back room and hung out there.

The other thing I think we need to remember in all this, is Grant Morrison is leaving the company. Anyone get the feeling this was a big fuck you?

What I will say I am mad about is that Batman #18 isn’t going to deal with Bruce’s grief over his son’s death. That is something I can get fired up about. Damian is dead, I want to see Batman cry. I want to see that he gave to shits about his kid. I’m sorry, but what the fuck does Haper Row have to do with Damian’s death? Is she going to be the new Robin? Because I have hard time seeing Bruce taking on someone who has no training. And come the fuck on, Squire just lost knight. Wouldn’t seeing Squire and Batman work together, both as heroes and getting over their grief together as something fun to read? I would love to see those to go through their grief together, as they both lost their other halves. Not Haper Row. She would be fine in an oracle role, but you can’t have her replace Damian. Damian was Bruce’s son, he was highly trained, and to replace him with some punk off the street smacks of disrespect. And I don’t see Bruce doing that to his son’s memory. Or it just implies he never cared for the kid in the first place. Which is just insulting to him and the reader.


I also wanted to say, this isn’t me coming back. This is me just dropping in on something that Matches asked me to touch on. I still have a lot of issues on life that is keeping me away, but I hope, fingers crossed, to be back during the summer and up and running again. Maybe even sooner, if I can get my head on straight but I don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep. My metal health is in the crapper right now, still for a mutliple reasons. That needs to fixed before I can do any more of this. But I miss doing the blog a lot. I want to thank you all for the supportive comments as well. They mean a lot to me and it made me happy to see that the internet isn’t full of dicks.


I know that I’m not about anything political or anything like this, but really, this is bullshit. Rape is already a crime that is hard to prosecute, and it is laughable how many rapist don’t ever see the inside of a cell. A crime that affects woment is wholely ignored. And there are a lot of reasons for this. Media is one of them. The presentation of women in media is part of the problem.

Anderson Cooper 360

CNN’s Kyung Lah reports on controversy in California over an old law. If a suspect impersonates a woman’s husband during an attack, it’s considered rape. But if the victim is unmarried and the suspect is impersonating her boyfriend, the law does not classify it as rape.

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Bonus Blog-Grilled cheese Edition

Hey, remember this panel?

You see?

You see?

I found something to help Tony out.
Why does this even exist? It would be a bitch to clean.

Why does this even exist? It would be a bitch to clean.

Happy Hoilday’s!


Hey guys! I just stole away from the family to throw something up for you guys! See around these Parts Christmas Eve is more important than the day itself, so I don’t have enough time to do a full post. ((I know, I know, another excuse!)) So here is a picture of my cat and I promise a good blog post Wednesday! ((Fun fact about this cat, when you pick her up, she squeeks. Like a dog toy. It’s funny as fuck.)) In fact it is going to be about my all time favorite Batman Story! ((I know, I know, another post about Batman.)) Alright, You all enjoy your family and egg nog or what ever you do for the hoildays!

Funny Panel Friday Marvel Edition

I sure Hawkeye isn't the only one who gets this...

I sure Hawkeye isn’t the only one who gets this…

This is how you make a team

This is how you make a team

This is a name of a show for them....

This is a name of a show for them….

.....And I want to see it now. So bad.

…..And I want to see it now. So bad.





The fifth of November.

I would like to say, that the first Western Comic book I ever bought was V for Vendetta. It was after seeing the movie and I had to have it.
I have a love for the dystopian, mostly because of Orwell, so V for Vendetta is right up my alley. I don’t really have much more to say about it because I have lent the copy out and don’t have it here to talk about it.
The writing was great. The story was great. It was well done.
It reminds me that shitty writing isn’t the norm for comics, despite the feelings of reading most of my titles now.
I haven’t read Batwoman 13. I tied. But it just turned me off. I read the preview for World’s Finiest, which I was excited for, and it just made Helena more of a Tool than I thought she was before. Stealing money from your father and surprised that Robin stops you turn into a Dick. First of all, you have been raised from birth by Batman and Catwoman, you should be fucking smarter. The rest of the titles are meh. Half the characters don’t exist, or have one character trait. They are cardboard cutouts of them formal selves. Batman’s new arc has not really stirred anything in me.
It is just being to feel like the 90’s again. And I’m over it.
Which is why I’m slowly going to Marvel, until DC gets it shit back together, I guess. Or dropping everything when Grant Morrison leaves DC.

Bonus Blog- Batman Live