So Who is gonna save Hal Jordan?

I will give you a hint. She kicks ass. Yea, that right, Carol is going to show up, and save the day. We already saw her grabbed her ring as Sinestro kidnapped Hal from their Love nest. I think the best part about this is she is just going to show up and save Hal. Most likely look at Sinestro and say something along the lines of stay away from my man, implying on some level that Sinestro is the other woman that not even Hal wants around. Which makes me think about basic instinct now, and poor Carol has been through this a few times.

How you doing?

The other hand of this, with the destruction of the Indigo Tribe, wouldn’t the people who had lived under the effects of that ring be a lot mellower after the years of being that way? And why was Abin Sur’s first thought about the after effects of the blackest night is to destroy everything. Because he doesn’t know what is going to happen but needs to hit the end it all button. I feel like he designed the Indigo tribe to destroy everything because he wants to get back at the guardians for something that they have done. Or what he felt that have done.
Which is a brilliant form of revenge for someone who is viewed as have no power. After all, the Guardians really are the people who are running the show for the Lanterns, at the end of the day. They took Hal’s ring to prove that to themselves. What was Hal able to do? What are the Lanterns really able to do about anything the Guardians decide what they are going to do? The truth is nothing. They are really just slaves to this short people when you think about it. These blue men send them to their death without thinking about it. It means nothing to them. Perhaps Abin Sur did this to be like, hey, you aren’t so special and we have some power of ourselves as well. Or he was bored. I always think many things can be explained away as, they were bored.

Yup, we are boned.

The real Question is when Hal is going to get his ring back. He still is Sinestro’s little pet monkey, just because he has no way to do anything else. And the Guardians are going to find out. They aren’t going to be happy about it; after all, Hal did kill one of them with it. Because, you know, that guardian had gone rogue and was completely dangerous. But they care not about these things. Only about themselves being alive, it never seemed they really cared about life in the universe. Just their lives in the universe, which is why they made the Crops in the first place.