Green Lantern Hour

Between the Alpha’s and the resurrection of Black Hand, the Green Lantern world has been dealing with some fun storylines. So much so I couldn’t decide what to talk about, so we will go with Green Lantern Corps because Guy is Irish and so am I.

Green Lantern Corps #11

The Alphas have a huge problem. How do you deal with a population of people who have super power weapons and don’t agree with you? Their idea was to lock them up, with their power rings still. And my god the Alpha are just stupid. They are supposed to be the moral authority but they really drop the ball when they can’t tell the difference between the real deal and freaking constructs. I mean, really? They were completely fucking green, how do you confuse that for the real things?

You couldn’t tell?

A Construct in the Green Lantern world has always been Green, and always easy to tell, for the reader at least, so when you have characters fall for it, you need to make it clear why. And I think it is really clear why the Alphas fell for it. Because they are stupid.

As a reader, I never thought the Alphas were a threat in the tale at all. They were like small children that were trying to ware daddy’s shoes and being the man of the house. I don’t understand why they were decide to have so much power from the Guardians, who also treat them like they are stupid.

So why are the stupid people running the asylum? And so poorly?

Dear God what is that thing?

I think it was a just a reason to bring back the man hunters. There, I said it.

Green Lantern #11

So Hal is the one back in control. This is going to be fun. And I’m still sure that Carol is going to come back in the story at some point. Last time we saw her she was grabbing her ring. I would love to see her save the day by kicking some ass. Because Carol is the shit. And you can quote me on that.

The question is are they setting up for another blackest night end game with the return of the Black Hand? I hope not. Because that would be very lazy story telling Geoff Johns, and you are better than that. I know. Earth One was awesome. Don’t start cheaping off on the months to do good trades. That shit ain’t cool.

It is always nice when the family gets together.

I did like the Black Hand sitting with his newly risen family. There was something about that’s funny, with just the conversation he is having so one sided, and the fact they are just staring at him while he eats.

That and Sinestro doesn’t like it when you talk about his ex-girlfriends in anyway.

So…you don’t like her much any more.


Green Lantern Corps#10-Guilty-AND HOLY SHIT MY 50TH POST!

This is my open letter to John and the Alphas. And yes, I know they aren’t real. It’s a joke.

Really John, really? You thought that they would let you off with Life? Come on, the Alpha are clearly playing by their own damn rules. Plus if they did, there would be no reason to fight. We have to have a WAR DAMNIT!

Part of the problem is that John assumed that they worked like the same way that our courts worked. I don’t know what gave him that idea, but it is what it is. These are people who are sitting outside of the regular corp. I don’t think they have any rules they have to follow. Hell, it is implied that they don’t even have to follow the Guardian’s rules. So clearly, John is carrying the idiot ball around. Because it is keeping him warm? I don’t know.

And yet again, I have a question. John kills another Lantern, he deserves death….Hal kills a Guardian, he gets his ring taken away, and sent home….Does this now seem a little unfair? Why didn’t the Alphas go after Hal? He killed one of the leaders, shouldn’t he be brought to justice for that? Am I silly to feel it is a race thing? Both are good Lanterns, Both are human, but the different between the two is strictly racial. So, yea….This seems a little racist to me DC.

Thou Kirrt’s family did have a right to be pissed off. John did sit there and lied to them about what happened. I mean, that is having your love ones killer for dinner. I don’t understand why he was holding an idiot ball when he saw them and the truth came out. Are you retard John?

They aren’t very good vilians.

And the Alphas’’ are afraid to kill? Really? They want to make John an example not to kill don’t have the ability to do it? And I love how they are like, we will get someone else to do it. Because you can deal out the sentences but you can’t do the deed. GROW SOME BALLS ALPHAS, Please? You are being set up to be the villains, could you be a little less pussy please? Otherwise this arc won’t be fun. You aren’t complex, you aren’t that interesting, you could at least be totally dicks. Just a suggestion you should take.

You know you are a shitty villian when Guy is telling you how you should be doing it.

Also when Guy shows up with food.  That should have been the hint to John that shit was going to go down.

And I can’t wait to see the fall out.

I feel like I should have saved this for funny panel friday…oh well.

And I have been fighting with the internet all freaking morning, so this is on the short side. Sorry. And look, I had to go to Starbucks to update. AND I HATE STARBUCKS! This is what I do for love.

Green Lantern Corps-Alpha Wars

Yea. This happened.

So John is in another pickle. I feel for the guy, I think it happens a lot that he gets screwed over. In the Animated series, he where put on trial for destroying his whole planet, now he is on trial for killing a fellow lantern. What is weirder is the whole thing has about the same feel. John gets a raw freaking deal. The difference is, in the animated series he didn’t do it.

I shot a man in Reno once…just to watch him die.

And it wasn’t an easy choice, but it makes sense. He is a marine after all, and they usually don’t leave their own. They also don’t like it when you go against the group. And that is what Kirrt was planning on doing. While again, is understandable, they were being tortured for information. And you have to protect the corps. To John, and to anyone with a military background, a good solider protects others first.
Does John deserve to be punished for it? I don’t know to tell the truth. It is always a pain when they let characters just, get away with murdering people. It usually is addressed, but at the end of the day the let them go. Like when Diana killed Maxwell Lord. Aside from Batman being a dick, which is par for the course for him, they really just gave her a slap on the wrist. And he ends up alive after the blackest night. Because status quo is god.
I don’t John deserve to die for it. After all, it isn’t like he didn’t have a good reason for it. And who really has a justice system for the universe is so clear cut? There really is no room for gray in this? After, this a group of cops we are talking about, space cops, but freakin’ cops none the less. Can’t they just, you know, kick him out of the corps for manslaughter? I mean, that isn’t a slap on the wrist, that is a whole, you lost your freakin’ job. Hell, That is what they did to Hal. He lost his ring and they just sent him home. And he killed a fucking Guardian. I guess the Alphas don’t give a shit about that. They didn’t come after Hal. It’s good thing to know that you can kill guardian just fine, but fuck you if you kill lantern.

And they are the LAW!

I’m to think that the Alpha’s are just racist. They don’t go after Hal, who did something much worst, but go after John…. And what is the main difference between the two? That is right, Hal is a white guy. John is black. I see what game you are running here Alphas. Trying to keep the black man down. That is bullshit.

Or they hold a teammate much higher than a leader. Which would make sense. John should have coached Kirrt into not telling, not just short cut to killing him. But what can you do. It will be interesting to see how they play out because Guy is not taking this laying down. Which isn’t surprising because he never takes anything laying down. Because they aren’t going to kill John. Status Quo is God.

You are boned.