Robin is too damn tall

Character Heights?

I don’t know how to start with this. I’m not sure it is a rant on art or not. And it is kinda stupid. ((And I’m using Damian becaue he is the one I noticed it with))

Let’s go with it’s an art rant. Or at least a style rant.

And it starts with this. Either Damian is different ages in the different range of comics he is in, or DC has no fucking clue how tall ten year old as.

There is something off about this. Maybe its the TEN YEAR OLD IS TOO FUCKING TALL

First of all, Bruce is a huge dude. He is over 6ft tall, and I have no problem with that. I do have problems with his TEN year old son coming up to his shoulder. I was tall at ten, but I didn’t come up to my mother’s shoulder. She isn’t a big woman. But not only that, I’M THE SEX WITH TITS! I went through my growth spurt before the boys in my class, like a lot go girls. Boys get their height later in puberty. SHIT almost all of DC is men. You would think they would remember this. And then it others it feels like he is coming up to Bruce’s waist. So either this Kid gets bored and hops on slits whenever he has the mood strike, or there is poor communication on how tall he should be.

They are standing next to each other. WTF?

The other thing that is, no matter who is drawing him, if they had a standard place where he hit on someone, it should translate over to all the comics. Least say, they do it by the height of a character based on, I unno, the number of the character’s head stacked on top of itself. (Clearly, I’m not sure how to state this, between the sick and the Dayquil. So if it makes sense, bully good for me.) If that is uniform, for all the artist styles, then the heights would be uniform. But clearly I’m batshit crazy and this can never be.

To sum my rant up, because in my head cold state, I’m not sure how clear I am: I understand different artist are going to draw him different ways. But that only explains why they will look at little different from comic to comic, not their heights. Character heights should be uniform because this shit isn’t that hard!

Sorry this isn’t really at long or that funny, I’m sick from stress and the weather changing out here.  ((It rained, in Southern California!))


So Last Post got me thinking…

What becomes more important in a comic? The Art itself or the story?

This is where I get stuck thinking about Sam Keith’s work. His art….is weird for the most part. I often find myself not liking a lot of his artwork, because of the weirdness to it. But he always makes sure he using a script that is amazing. This one is from Batman’s, Through the Looking class…

Well, what do you expect Bruce? You ignore them! [Batman through the Looking Glass]

While I don’t thinks Keith Artwork is the most amazing thing ever he has a habit of either writing or finding scripts that fit his art style. This I think is what can make or break a comic. You have to make sure that the story and the art match, otherwise, they can fall apart.

So that is really it today. Now for an announcement.

August I go back to school, so starting next week I am going to do updates, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I can get a buffer going. There may be a few bonus blogs over this time, but I can’t keep up the schedule I do now and do school work. So that is that. See you Thursday!

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