Batwoman and A Drive By

I love how we have a short week about two weeks ago, and I felt I had nothing to talk about. Then this week happens and I want to talk about everything at once, so I’m just going to do a drive by on a few and come back later. Hopefully.

Batman and Robin #10

Their faces. Just their faces.

Okay, I totally want a comic that is just Tim and Damian doing basic task together and being complete dicks to one another. Because the way those two talk to each other just makes me laugh my ass off. It would be completely entertaining. And Jason saying Bat Ass is a crack up as well.

Batman # 10

Oh shit. I mean, holy fucking shit.

Not to give anything away yet, but holy shit, is this really true? Then Bruce’s life just keeps getting more fucked up with every passing day on some level. All I can say about this, is holy fucking shit. I can’t wait for next month. And I thought this week was going to fizzle out because the Night of Owls event felt…well, now I don’t know what I think about it because it lead up to this.

Green Lantern #10

Well. This isn’t going to be good.

He’s Back! Wonder what is going to happen now that the leader of the Black Lanterns has his ring back. Are we getting a new black Lanterns invasion? I hope not, I mean, they already did that. Thou Zombies are fun, and you can’t really go wrong with them.

Batwoman-Volume 1-Hydrology

I’m going down.

Okay, done with the drive by, now on to something else I want to talk about. Batwoman trade, which I picked up and inhaled yesterday. There are just so many things about it that is just so sweet. I mean, I love the art, and the story. Oh the story is great. I love the transformed folklore that they are using with La LLorona and keeping rather true to the folklore itself. The story that they use as La Llorona’s backstory is one of the versions of her tale told in Mexico.  ( I took an intro to Folklore last semester and we talking about this story and the meaning behind it.) It’s nice to see that they did their research there because lord knows they haven’t always been good at that. Ever wonder why Wonder Woman has a Roman name? All the gods she got her powers from were known by their Roman names….and they were passing her off as Greek…Whoops. It isn’t a big deal, just one of those funny little things.

The only thing I don’t really understand is how people don’t know that Batwoman is Kate Kane, because my god she is the palest mother fucker on the planet. I mean, really, you look at her and batwoman and you can’t tell if they are the same person? That is really the only thing that takes me out of it, because the first part is Bruce trying to find out if she is batwoman or not and I was like, really, Bruce, you can’t fucking tell by looking at her?  You have to stalk her for a whole issue? Okay. Whatever floats your boat.

The tone of the story also works really well, which is nice to see another side of grit that Gotham has to offer without Batman. I won’t say that this has the same grittiness that any of the Batman comics has, but it does have a similar tone. Which is in short, awesome.

I think the choice of using the legend of La Llorona is freaking awesome. The fact that they have her still dealing with the death of her sister, who drowned, at the same time this ghost is going around and killing child, with water; is in short, brilliant.

Even the relationship that they have her getting into feels real and not forced because she is a hero in a comic series. Like they are really falling for each other and want it to work. At least we are getting some woman on woman love. We will have to work for it for Alan Scott it seems.

This is really great story telling and I’m mad at myself for not having it on my pull list. That shit might change.

Edit: Just a quick correction, Wonder Woman’s first run, she had a roman name and so did her Gods. Not sure what happen with the research there but it is what it is. When they rebooted they fixed that and left Diana with the name she has always had. That is always when in Earth 2 they still have the Roman Names.