The Amazing Spider-Man #700

I picked up the last issue of Amazing Spider-Man, because, well, it seemed like a thing to do. I know there was a big to-do on OMG, They kill Peter. Well, being the non-warning spoiler ass that I am, he doesn’t really. He has a mind out trippy moment, but doesn’t die. Or better say that the idea of Peter Parker doesn’t die, since he was Doc Oct too? I’m not sure completely what has been going on in the first part of the issue, and was kinda lazy to look it up, sorry. The whole clone thing is a little confusing to me, but whatever. I honestly hadn’t been reading the issues before, so I’m not sure why Doc Oct is super old and all that jazz, but the first story lead into what I felt was a much cooler part.

The issue really ties up the storyline, and then has a few short pieces to go along with it. My favorite is the now elderly Peter Parker talking to his Grandson about what happened after the series ends, such as his life with MaryJane, the birth of his children, and ends with him taking the kid on a web-sling tour of the city. I think one of the great things about comics, and moments like this one, is when you get to see the characters doing things like this, because it gives you the feel that these are normal people. ((This is something DC has forgotten. But I’m not gonna talk about them.)) To me, that was the real ending. He is finally given a chance to grow, and to be whatever he wanted with a sense of freedom. I loved it.

This is just to fun.

This is just to fun.

The Datenight story was cutesy and fun. I enjoy things that are really tongue-in-cheek, and I thought that it pulled it off well.
I will admit, I don’t know much about Spiderman and his Mythos, aside from the cartoon I can barely remember and those horrible Toby McGuire ((OR WHAT EVER THE FUCK HIS NAME IS. I’m Lazy and not gonna look it up.)) movies; but this was enjoyable. It was the first Spider-man Comic I ever picked up, and it made me want to check out the new series they are going to do.
I will say this though. I feel bad when I like something, because I feel like I don’t talk about it as much as I could. I mean, the art was good, the stories were well put together as far as I could tell. ((the first one I’m, not sure about just because I don’t have the issues to before it so I don’t know.)) It felt like a real ending, Peter has come to terms on what it means to be Spiderman and is ready to get on with whatever life has to throw at him. The writing was good, and it wasn’t plagued with what most comic book writing seems to be.
As an aside, I know I haven’t talked about my thoughts on Death in a Family, but my shop keeps getting shorted on comics coming in, so I am still waiting on a few issues. I did get to read Batman and Robin though, and that issue was a lot of fun.


I picked up my first Marvel

Oh Yea. [Captain Marvel #1:2012]

So it is a brand new day here at Stuperheroes. I picked up my first Marvel comic, Captain Marvel. I didn’t know what to expect and I have been meaning to give Marvel a fair shake for a while now, since I have really talked about DC a lot.

Mostly I have been having a huge problem on what I would like with Marvel, and I would have preferred to start with a number one of something, not try and pick up a series halfway through I also don’t want to have to back trade through years and years of issues to know what the hell is going on, that just didn’t appeal to me.

So Captain Marvel, seemed like a good choice to me. It had a Woman as the lead, Carol Danvers, it’s a number one, and was fun to read. That is the important part to me.

So the story starts out with Captain Marvel and Captain America fighting Absorbing Man together. They win and end up going back to her apartment to talk. This is where they start to outline Captain Marvel’s back story and how Carol end up with powers in the first place. This was nice for me, because I had no expectation when I started reading this. The pervious Captain Marvel and her somehow shared DNA and now she is thinking about taking his name since, I’m assuming, he has passed away. Since she has some of his DNA that was Mar-Vell’s she is debating taking up his name.

The other half of the story is Carol talking about her life as a small child and how she looked up to her father and another woman by the name of Helen Cobb who was a pilot. When she finds out that Helen has passed away, she goes to the funeral and the issues ends.

This was fun because you get a real sense of the character and even if you have no background on the character you can still enjoy it. That was fun for me. While most of the issue dealt with Carol deciding if she was going to take the name or not, it was still an interesting story and I can’t wait to see what happens next issues. It was nice to read something that I had no history with and just enjoy it.

Edit: Anyone have any other suggestion for Marvel comics I am all ears. I have a few of the Gunslinger Trades but I don’t feel that counts because it is more Stephen King in control of the story and I love the dark tower so it wasn’t that hard to pick those up.