A Bonus Blog -Backlog And Batwoman

NOTe: This was an old Blog post that said it posted but pulled a dick move and didn’t, so I am reposting it now. And because I think there are a few points that need to get out into the world.

Because my Comic was closed for a bit, and they are pretty much the only pony in town ((Not completely true, but the other places are not my boys damnit)) I have a huge backlog of comics that I have to get through. And we are talking a few, we are talking about fifty.

So because of that, I’m a bit behind. But Fear not, I have something to Bitch about!

Batwoman has been dropping the ball for me so hard core that it is driving me mad. Her and Wonder Woman may be in the same comic, but they might as well be half way across the world from one another, because I honestly could not buy they were working together. There is a little text box Diana has about how she is not as brave as Batwoman and basically a shitty human being.

Hey, Remember when Wonder Woman kicked some serious ass and was willing to do what ever it took to get the job done? Where she was a strong female character who didn’t need a man to drag her around and have someone basically control everything that she did? Yea? How she was the one out of the Trinty to do whatever it took to save the world, including killing a man even if it ment the two men she saw as her best friends and allies may never talk to her again? Yea, me too, and I want to know where the fuck did she go?

The New 52 Wonder Woman is complete shit. Her own comic isn’t about her, it’s about the new gods and everyone else in the story. SHe isn’t strong or Brave, she is just there. She is a prop. And it pains me to say that. I love Diana. Or more of I loved what was there before they decided that her only use was to get in Superman’s bed and not leave it. That her only worth is just to be Superman’s fuck toy, and that she is weak and whimpy. Fuck, she feels that way in her own comic. And they wonder why she isn’t selling. They removed all that made her Wonder Woman there. I hate how that has become the most important thing in the Universe, is what is going in Wonder Woman’s vagina. It shouldn’t be. As I have said so many fucking times before, That should not be the corner stone of your universe is two characters and their fucking relationship. It is still written like they are friends, and really, it should have ended 2 issues ago.  It has no where to go, and the characters have no contrast with each other. Contrast in a romantic relationship is what makes it interesting for the viewer, the reader, what have you. No Contrast, no Drama. DC is trying to force drama because everyone is against it. Which makes it come off forced. But That is a blog post for another day. Because I’m still pissed about it.

And she is coming that way in Batwoman. And the other problem I have with it is that Batwoman has become to fucking worder. I have issue 14, and got it before my shop was closed down for two weeks, and I just just can’t get through it. It’s like someone is trying to pull my teeth out of my head. There are though speeches, and they are fucking speeches, that these two women have that go fucking no where. And it would be much more interesting to see these two women interact. I was excited at first because I thought the real Wonder Woman was going to be in there. She isn’t.

I have been making jokes to my Fiancee that blue boot Wonder Woman isn’t Wondy. She is a puppet made by Cicere to think she is Wonder Woman, and make everyone else think that too. And Red Boot Wonder Woman is really out there somewhere, and when she breaks free, she is gonna kick the shit out of Blue Boot Wonder Woman. I would say that is what DC is leading up for, but really, that is never going to fucking happen, because that would be creative. And DC doesn’t do creative. They do gimmiky and bullshit.

Marvel does, and that new Deadpool comic is going to be the greatest thing ever.


Welcome to the Jungle-Rorschach #1

The Mask

Holy hell. I will say this now I’m mad Ozymandias gets six issues while Rorschach just gets four.  It’s more story driving, which I feel is more comic book like. Brian Azzarello is the writer on this, and you can tell because it is pretty much, this is Rorschach, now we are getting our story on. (He is also the writer on Wonder Woman) Just a quick aside: Which makes me in a weird position on the whole Wonder  Woman’s latest arc. Yes, it was story driven and we didn’t get a taste of what the rebooted her really looks like. But everyone please, quit acting like she is changed forever because really, unless she is eating babies and giggling about it, she is fine. Still Wonder Woman.  It is an okay way of doing things. You sometimes lose out on characterization, but sometimes that happens. I have a feeling it will get better. Give it time.

As I said with Ozymandias, he has a great narrative voice, while awesome, is really better as a book than a comic book. There are moments were that comic drags. A lot. There is nothing wrong with doing a full issue inside a character’s head, but when you base a series around it, it isn’t a way to grab readers. Or keep our attention.  I know what I like in comics, and that is a story that moves. Which Rorschach does that. It is pretty much a fun ride the whole time. Ozymandias is what I like in a novel, were you have more time to tell a tale.

Rorschach hits the ground running and pretty much as a great emotional tone the whole time. Rorschach is following a drug trail and ends up following the trail into the sewers and getting the shit kicked out of him. At the same time, there is a serial killer running around the city, killing women and carving them up. What I think will be a lot of fun to see where this story is going to end up going. Is Rorschach going to go after the Bard or not? I really like the idea of the Bard being a red herring and has nothing to do with Rorschach at all. Because that is how I would write it. But I think it would come to a head in the next couple issues.

The Man behind it.