Hawkeye 4-5-Crap

Edit: I don’t know what is up with word press and me, but it has been saying it has been posting my stuff then not. What is weirder is it like eats the post, after showing me it posted.
I wish I could say that picking up Hawkeye was my idea, and solely mine. But it wasn’t. It was a character my friend loved, and talked me into getting his first issue so she had someone to talk to about it. And so, I did. I picked up the first Hawkeye for my friend, and honestly, she only forced me to get issue one, and it has been a complete blast all the way through.
Since issue 6 was just like a Christmas episode, I’m jumping back to four and five, which was an arc called The Tape. The Tape that is so important, well, it’s just Hawkeye murdering some dudes. And Shield wants it back. So what does Clint do?
Go on a magical adventure where he gets to drive a cab and make some money on the side because he ends up losing his bags in the airport. He gets captured by a villain, Madame Masque, ((Who I know nothing about, because I am just now getting into Marvel.)) who ends up pulling a black visa out of his ass. This is just a page and written in a way that makes me feel as uncomfrotable as Clint in reading it. Now I would like to say that it was good writting, but that makes me feel dirty. I wish I was making that up but you all have already seen it on Friday. He ends up being saved by Kate Bishop, the other Hawkeye, but it is pretty fun to me how they both seem to just trip and fall into success.

This scene really needs no words. And yes you are seeing it again because I read it and it made me as uncomfortable as Clint.

This scene really needs no words. And yes you are seeing it again because I read it and it made me as uncomfortable as Clint.

But story telling stuff aside, ((Which is always fun. I would love to see Superman drive a cab, because that would be funny. But it will never happen.)) I think my favorite thing in Hawkeye, is Clint’s relationship with Kate. They are partners, not lovers, and it has an almost brother and sister feel to it. Which is awesome, because their relationship is real, and completely believable; I feel like it is one of the best written relationships in comics at the moment. They rag on each other, and you feel that they care about each other. It isn’t like some of the other relationships out there, when are just ready to crash and burn.

The other thing I like about the series, and most of the Marvel stuff in general is that it isn’t all life or death. Yes, if they don’t get the tape back, its bad because shit will go downhill, but really, it nice to know that everything is not about going over board and dealing with some of the small stuff too.


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